Live Life to its Fullest: Get out of Being in a Rut and Move Forward in Life

To live life to its fullest we need to accept the fact that life in this world is complete of let downs.

Oh my, yes, terrible disappointments, and the self-limiting barbed wire boundaries we set for ourselves.

Why? That’s because of fear, doubt and so much more of the like, so let’s not get stuck in life like being in prison.

You do not constantly receive into your life all that you’d like, but you can learn to take charge of your life by design.

With far too many roadblocks and life challenges it easy to fall into in a rut instead of moving forward. 

Many people yearning for how to live a happy life just seem to be predestined to remaining stuck in life.

You should not live in worry or stress and much of the time being sidetracked about the fear of death. 

Before we move on, and as you read along, please keep in mind this spiritual metaphysical principle from the Course in Miracles:

  • “The real world is the state of mind in which the only purpose of the world is seen to be forgiveness. Fear is not its goal, for the escape from guilt becomes its aim.”

Let’s begin now to deeply see why to live life to its fullest is in your power.

I can see that a few of readers might be inclined to think that how to lead a happy life totally is out of reach with all that they are up against.

Human nature based on fear and doubt, called ego, most likely will claim that you seem to not be moving forward in life because of all of life’s difficulties.

Some may say it would take a miracle to manifest and to actually live your dream life, and, so, you stay stuck in life.  

Let’s look at what the miracle truly is and how the miracle manifests.

In my ever-developing book series we go deeply into seeing life on Earth as a dream of sort. Where you as the dreamer get to determine the dream characters.

Are you with me on that note?

Let’s say that you begin to accept the idea it has all been a dream. But part of you or even much of you might be doubtful and having trouble finding this inner-awareness totally?

If so, that’s okay, it is normal, you will never totally be sure. That’s because the ego-based mind will continue to convince you that what you are is a body and that is all.

The ego will not give up and strive to keep you behind a fence, so to speak.

I’m saying ever, until full awakening from the dream of humankind finally occurs, and then the ego will be obliterated. 

At this point Earth and life in this world will be gone with the dreamBut you can silence the ego for the most part.

To help you do so simply continue to ask yourself this all important question, as needed: “Where will I be when my body has already taken its last breath of air?”

This in itself is enough to slow down your ego’s thought process so that you can move forward in life.

Yes, with a thought pattern of quite mostly optimistic outlook. 

Our right-minded optimistic thoughts and perceptions are no match for the ego, because these thoughts are of spirit.

With this understood, let’s right-mindedly move on and shed light on more of an understanding.

We’ve discussed that while a tiny sleeping portion of the whole mind dreams of fantasy, the rest of the mind which is not dreaming, is alert and has the knowledge of your existence.

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This real whole part of you is Truth, which means to live life to its fullest.

A miracle is always capable by you when you operate by spirit.

The miracle will not awaken the dreaming part of you like a magic trick. But it will show you who the dreamer truly is. This heals the fear and doubt and the like by the ego.

The miracle will teach you that you do have a choice in the dream of life. Yes, by deciding on how you want to dream.

But this does depend on the purpose you are dreaming of.

Do you sense a purpose in healing and feeling the pure joy your real Home gives you? Or, do you blame others and situations, and dream with worry about an ultimate death?

A dream is really much like a memory, in that it projects the images you’d like to have shown to you.

So now, as I cover in my books, you should be ready to go deeper and truly live life to its fullest.

You must understand and accept the idea that you are the dreamer. Not your body, but the real you.

This acceptance will give you another dream, as well, to live life to its fullest.

But this dream expresses your true heart and is dreamed by your right-mind, regardless of the initial dream you were pulled into.

Consider this to be taking advantage of the ego’s fears of life in this world.

You’ll be using the dream, taking control of it from your heart for the freedom you are about. Likewise, changing the dream in a direction that truly expresses you.

Of course, no longer being in a rut and not stuck in life.

Here I feel appropriate to state this profound message from the Course in Miracles:

  • “The possibility of freedom has been grasped and welcomed, and the means by which it can be gained can now be understood.”

That message tells us that, to gain this inner freedom, first you must realize that it is you that dreamed up the dream you’re not so fond of.

Try to accept and then let go of the fact, it was only due to your loyalty to the ego’s hold on you. Having much emphasis on your body as who you are is evidence of this loyalty.

Also consider that “following the crowd” so to speak, keeps you stuck.

But this is your own error, and there is a way out.

You see, it’s only an effect that you didn’t cause on your own. It’s not your fault. There’s no blaming, it’s simply an error that couldn’t be helped.

You unknowingly followed this tiny section of the whole mind that immediately fragmented into a dream of sort.

As I mention again in detail throughout my book series, which makes up the ego-based world. A big explosion if you will, of ego-based separated thought.

Separated from what, you ask?

The ego thinks it is separate from your Creator–God, and caught us all up in a tailspin and we landed where we did.

Where you landed is what you think you became a part of, and are now controlled by it. You can be free of it now and quit being stuck in life.

Let’s see this as being controlled by no cause.

Ask yourself a question about the ordinary dreams you have during a night’s sleep.

In the nasty nightmares you have had, the “tossing and turning” with the “violent and scary” images, are you ever the victim where your body was slain and killed?

As a child I would often have the same dream which caused me to sleep walk. As I was walking around the house while dreaming, my parents would try to wake me.

I was dreaming about falling from an airplane in the sky. But always would awaken before hitting the ground. The falling with the queasy stomach would always wake me.

But let me go back and continue the question.

In your own happy and peaceful, forgiving types of dreams is anyone in the dream ever a victim. I mean, who suffered from some form of tragedy?

These are the how to lead a happy life dreams the miracle will exchange for the ones the world lured you into.

You can blot out the world’s dream with your own that expresses the real you, thereby live life to its fullest.

There you have it in a nutshell. Now you have the answer to the secret of all those success stories you’ve always envied.

The world may “become your oyster,” and live life to its fullest

It’s quite simple. The world we see around us has no cause, just as every dream is.

Unlike what the ego wishes we believe, there really is no master plan or design that is intended for this world, other than, re-awakening to our reality.

You have done your separate part differently, but along with other egos doing their own separate and different part.

This makes up all that you see with the body’s eyes. What else can be expected but chaos and conflict, fear and doubt?

Anything without true cause can only make projections that have no creative substance. With no substance how can anything real be expressed, and to live life to its fullest? 

Yet, if it has no cause there must be no purpose. You can make a dream, but since it’s not real there can be no real effects.

This is why its only effects are of fantasy, which is nothing more than constant wishing for what you never make to be real.

They are only of the dream for as long as the dream lasts.

Think about it. When you are daydreaming of fantasy, is the back of your mind actually realizing at that time, it is only a dream?

Now let’s step this up a bit.

Couldn’t we say, then, that when you see illusions of yourself as being sick or healthy, depressed or happy, you have a solid cause that guarantees these effects?

Don’t you decide which effect it will be?

The miracle, however, establishes that you do indeed dream a dream. Likewise, that you have an awareness which is real consciousness as true reality.

Maybe, say, when you are in a career that you feel is not right for you.

Or, maybe it’s a relationship that you know you are involved in mostly for the good sex, or the money.Perhaps it’s the attention or limelight, and deep down you really are aware it is not about love.

Where does this awareness come from? Yes, you are correct if you answered that the awareness itself is your true reality.

Or, we may say, real consciousness for how to live life to its fullest.

Your true reality is processed through right-mindedness that is your divine spirit, alerting you to “wake-up”, or to “be real”.

This understanding is a huge step in dealing with your being in a rut or stuck in life. 

Once you’re able to perceive that you made them up, you will no longer be afraid of life itself.

Your thinking might then seem to be of a great attitude, such as: what’s the worst that can happen to me, death?

You’ll discover that you’re not afraid of this, because if there is no death then what else is there to fear?

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To the life you truly want to live,

James Nussbaumer

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