Create a Better Life Now by Passionate Design while Living with Purpose

Do you sometimes get in the dumps feeling the world treats you like a dog when striving for how to create a better life?

You can change that with clear vision overnight and immediately begin the process for how to make it in life.

Visualizing the life you want as well as establishing the agenda you will need to adhere to the power of reflection, with patience and time.

But the process does not necessarily take much time at all if you grow with your vision.

Likewise your going to have to apply reasoning as well as preparation for the useful power of your vision.

To create a better life appears stealthily basic, yet it’s frequently one of the most hard to respond to.

Enabling on your own to bring forth in the material world your innermost desires can be laced with fear and doubt.

You might likewise not assume you have the power to manifest something as whimsical as what you desire out of life.

Yet it is very important you accept that living your life by design does not typically take place by coincidence, however deliberately.

A Course in Miracles deeply teaches us in more ways than one that, your fears have come about in this world because you never have understood that all along you have been the designer of your life. 

Can you begin to glimpse at the idea that gives you the power to make a better life while living with purpose? 

To create a better life by design makes you the Author of your story here on Earth.

You hold the power that decides on the consequences of yourself. Not to mention those consequences which you assign to your brothers/sisters.

I’m sure you’re asking, how do you give them their consequences?

You must remember, it is your dream of life here on Earth and you are assigning the projected images for yourself to see.


Or, how about how they may assist you with your heroic mission? Yes, again?

Try to look at life in this world this way:

It is not the dream, but rather, it is the dreamer of the dream which pieces thoughts together.

But in the reality behind the dream of time, space, and material surroundings, you are innocent, and at Home–Heaven, as the dreamer.

When you can see that the dream of life is about of what your separated mind has illusively caused, the miracle happens.

This is how we create a better life by design!

No one can be seen as guilty or sinful for merely slipping into a dream. This is why sin is unreal. It is only a teaching device of the ego-based mind.

Can you now see why the miracle is so easy to create, and is how to make it in life?

It is simple because all that the miracle does is to show you that your true self has done nothing wrong.

Likewise, can undo the illusive cause made by the tiny section of mind that dreams of separation from its Source.

By using your true innervision to see a true cause, you can create new and real effects. What is a true cause?

It is a cause we all have and it’s called total re-awakening back to the Truth of who we are. Surely having an effect called your “purpose in life” or living with purpose.

A Course in Miracles further states:

  • “When vision is denied, confusion of cause and effect becomes inevitable. 

It is which entails effortless accomplishment and rest. It’s what is meant to be so you may make a better life while you are seemingly in this world.

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Next, let’s look at understanding why we fear and are doubtful.

Returning “Fear’s” Cause Back to You to Create a Better Life

A man seeking to make a better life decides he needs a pet or something to accompany him.

He walks into a parrot shop and sees a sign, “Musical Parrots For Sale”.

The prices listed are outrageous. The man asks the store owner, “Why are you asking $15,000 for this ordinary looking parrot”?

The store owner says quickly buy firmly, “Judge for yourself”!

He takes the parrot out of the cage, hands it a small violin, and the bird plays the Mendelssohn concerto like an angel.

A second parrot for $30,000 plays the Dvorak cello with the warmth reminiscent of Pablo Casals.

A third parrot, costing $50,000 plays the piano with the bravado of Arthur Rubinstein.

The customer is deeply impressed and moves down the line to the final cage. A parrot is priced at half a million dollars.

“What does this one play and why is the price so high?”

The store owner replies, “I tell ya, all I can say is that the other parrots call him Maestro.”

The customer ponders this quickly and then blurts out:

“Sold, I’ll take the Maestro.”

The shop’s owner confusingly asks. “Why would you pay such a high price for this parrot who is the Maestro of these other talents, and not buy them, too?”

The customer confidently replies.

“The hell with the music, that’s not what I’m interested in.” He adds, “If this parrot called Maestro can make the other birds play a musical instrument so brilliantly, I can only dream of all the other things it can do for me”!

No two people striving to make life better see the same world.

Your perceptions of what you see are not the same as mine. This makes a world of separate ideas.

But isn’t this what makes the world tick?

Yes, this absolutely is what makes the world and all its material surroundings. But remember, it won’t last.

Let’s look a little deeper at what I detail in my ever-developing book series starting with, The Master of Everything: A Story of Mankind and the World of Illusion We Call Life:

I discussed deeply about the separation, or, what scientists call “the Big Bang,” starting the dream.

Was it that we thought our Creator was not powerful enough for us.

I mean, where we wandered off for an instant with a stray thought, giving us the first image ever?

It only takes a thought to form an image, and then takes additional ongoing supporting thoughts to project it.

To project is to cause an image to appear, say, perhaps for building a better life.

As a whole our naïve and unconscious attribution of feelings, attitudes; mostly guilt, resulted in this tiny self we made seemingly taking over the role of our Source.

The figures in this dream would raise conflict over the role.

This self-image, and the quality or characteristics, even distinct features of other figures in the dream became controlled by each other in their own identifying fashion.

In other words, a vicious circle confused over how to make it in life never to be understood had formed.

Not one single figure, or, body in the dream actually knew who was in control. Just as well, chaos projected from fear, doubt, guilt, and the like began building.

The vengeance toward each other appeared to prove the dreamer could not see himself as the maker of the dream.

Effect, first, and then cause, seemed to be the normal way.

We projected effect as the cause, and then looked to God as creating this entire mess as a punishment.

Our separated tiny piece of thought, now in multiple fragments projected more fear and doubt.

Oh my, then humankind started projecting God as being angry.

Consider where many have made an image of God in the Old Testament as an “Angry Old Tyrant”.

Yes, bringing floods and sending people into the dessert for months on end for just punishment.

Can this truly be real?

On the other hand, can it simply be a bad dream that spun out of control?

Remember the old adage, “Be careful what you dream about?” That said, now you know how to create a better life.

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To a passionate life lived,

James Nussbaumer

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