Go Live Your Dream Life Today by Understanding Mind and Consciousness

What only seems like a lifetime striving to go live your dream life, you may now today manifest your desires.

Yes, I mean in an instant when you open your mind to real consciousness explained.

And thereby you may now find yourself excitedly on the brink of tapping into the power of mind and consciousness.

Think about when you wake in the morning. Has the dream you had the night before already started to fade?

Sure it has.

You might say some things to yourself upon awakening. Or maybe later into the day when it finally dawns on you, like, “Thank God it was only a dream.”

Or, the dream may have been fun where you won the lottery, and you say, “Too bad it was only a dream.”

Usually we will follow that up with the thought that the dream was a message and proceed to go out and buy lottery tickets.

My point is, however, there is a message for you on how to go live your dream. Something in the dream must have been real otherwise it couldn’t have been a dream.

Here’s what I mean:

When death seems to approach, you may look back on your life and wonder if everything you see around you is just another dream.

Even with myself, now, I look back on my own memories in a similar way to the previous night’s dream. I do wonder of the conscious reality of it all.

Are all of our memories, good ones and the bad ones, real, or just a dream?

All of the events in our lives we think shape who we are. But do they? There is the dream and there is the dreamer of the dream.

The dream itself is a short-lived play of form. It is the world relatively, real, but not absolutely real. What do I mean?

A Course in Miracles states:

  • The miracle establishes you dream a dream, and that its content is not true. The dreamer of the dream is not awake, but does not know he sleeps.”

Consider the dreamer, – you. You are the absolute reality in which the forms of physical expression come and go.

Your bodily form is part of the dream, it seems, yet, as the dreamer you are sleeping soundly in bed.

But, while you are the characterless substance that supports the images that make the dream possible.

You the dreamer are the absolute, definite, behind the images, the timeless behind time, the entire, real, pre-time conscious reality.

It’s consciousness itself.

To awaken within the dream while we are dreaming is our purpose while we are here in this world we call Earth.

When we awaken partially inside of the dream of time, space, and form, something happens.

The ego made worldwide drama, which is a foundation of fear and doubt that haunts us, begins fading.

Likewise, you go live your dream in a more wondrous manner.

This is where miracles occur and how you proceed to live the life of your dreams. But you have to order the mind and consciousness to allow you to go live your dream.

Yet I do realize this all may still seem to be boggling and difficult to grasp.

But a bit later as you begin accepting mind and consciousness for what the real meaning, your life will change for the better.

How this all takes place is about you living your dream and not someone else’s. You can live your dream by being in control of your conscious reality.

For now keep in mind that here is where perceptions born of projections in the right-mind allows you to glimpse real consciousness.

I mean, that of which is beyond the idea of being separate from your Creator, but rather as one. This is where real consciousness explained opens doors for you.

It is your own sensation of reality where you connect with your Source, Who wants you to go live your dream.

But since you have already always been connected, it is a smidgen of awakening.

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It’s like this:

Your innocence is that reality, and is the spirit of your Source of life.

We can say it is God’s Holy Spirit that is alive as you, just as the current is to the river that feeds the ocean.

The Holy Spirit is “holy” because He is “real consciousness explained,” and only what is of God can be real.

His Spirit is you.

While you live in the dream of separation ruled by time and form, as you do now while reading this, try to see something.

See that the Holy Spirit is your total right-mind (The part of you partially awakened) making sense of my words to you.

Your inner Guide is sorting out ego temptation by being perfectly aware of the split-mind that fears and doubts. Likewise the errors you do make.

His task is to heal the split and He does this as you gradually awaken.

A Course in Miracles further states: 

  • “Like every lesson that the Holy Spirit requests you learn, the miracle is clear. It demonstrates what He would have you learn, and shows you its effects are what you are.”

No one while they are here in the dream can be both wholly wrong-minded and right-minded.

For starters, wrong-mindedness is not whole, but only seems to be while it fears consciousness explained.

It is this ego-based mind aspect in you that is limiting you on the idea of to go live your dream life.

There is always some sort of balance between the positive and the negative in our perceptions. Just as well, between the real and the unreal in our thoughts.

Some individuals are more heavily weighted in one area, more so, than another.

Likewise, have their own particular ratio between either side, and this changes with time, one way or another.           

Consider yourself, say, at this moment, right now, as you read these words.

Are you mostly right-minded where you may sense the real positive force of the Holy Spirit in you? Or, more so are you mostly doubting from the ego side to you.

Of course there may be a “doubting Thomas” part of you that questions my message.

But is it possible that you are tilted more toward the right-mind. I mean, being that this was your goal in the first place by seeking out my blog article?

You will experience mostly wrong-mindedness, say, during an argument with your spouse over material matters.

Especially like a heated issue over lack of money. Or the number of hours spent on your career each day.

Or where the kids should go to school, or even over your obnoxious mother-in-law possibly moving in, because she’s flat broke.

Where is your ratio weighted in any scenario like these?

Your honest answer here is you aligning with real consciousness.

When confronted by such situations in your life determines your own natural willingness and readiness to awaken.

You will want to learn how to respond more right-mindedly to life where healing becomes an asset.

I mean directing to to go live your dream without fear. Your conscious reality is about in living your dreams, not someone else’s.

I hope from here you move forward in life by manifesting your desires and accepting that you can live your dream life. 

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To the life you want to live,

James Nussbaumer

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