Living Forward Means Aligning Your Vision in Life to Attract what you Want

Abundance is within you and living forward through the present moment will allow you to reflect what you want in life to the material world.

Here are some questions and answers we discussed at a recent Master-Mind Challenge webinar on how can I get success.

Before we dive in here, keep in mind this spiritual metaphysical principle from the Course in Miracles:

  • You are the dreamer of the world of dreams. No other cause it has, nor ever will.”

Also, as you read and absorb this article into your psyche keep in mind this statement from the Tao Te Ching:

  • “A man with outward courage dares to die; a man with inner courage dares to live.” 

Now let’s review the questions and my answers from the webinar about attract what you want by living forward:

1:) Lots of times throughout your seminars and teleclasses, you state “prosperity and abundance is an inner quality we all possess.” Can you elaborate on that declaration – what do you mean it’s that ‘Something’, I own?

There are important things that we’ve come to learn with inner vision in life through reflection principles.

The the Power of Attraction is that we can replicate sensations and bring them forth in your world.

Simply put, simply through the words I utilize I can stimulate someone or discourage them.

In short, we can uncover our highest qualities within ourselves and within others by what we state and what we believe.

Abundance is a qua1lty you possess and the power of reflection makes it possible to attract what you want.

Do you ever observe how excited you feel when you know you have a check ready to arrive. Or when you know you’re getting an inheritance?

The excitement you’re experiencing is the sensation of those qualities you were given in the Creation.

Yes, it’s your divine inheritance, we may say!

Because abundance is a sensation, and living forward through reflection reacts to the vibes.

This is what’s the late Wayne W. Dyer coined, “the Power of Intention.”

We’ve pertained to comprehend that this powerful force called the Power of Presence or Attraction, is continuously urging to be uncovered and brought forth.

This inward vision in life, we may say, is providing us more of the exact same.

Given the formula, the attraction or reflection principles would duplicate that vibration and bring us more of the very same. That’s why it’s called a universal Law.

But many can’t grasp the notion yet of your abundance being within you, so we make it easy to relate and say you are attracting what you want.

I mean, though, in true reality what’s happening is you are reflecting the abundance of the universe from within you to your material world.

Therefore, once you are able to grasp that true Reality, or your Divinity, is within you, then you will grasp the notion of the power of reflection.

Yes, the universe is within you, and not located somewhere “out there.”

What you think you see with the body’s eyes of a starry, glorious midnight sky is the abundance within you being reflected outwards.

2:) How do you teach individuals to “reflect” more abundance?

The power of reflection or what some call the law of attraction does not care why you are offering a vibration.

Simply put, it does not care whether you are remembering, pretending or complaining. Likewise, creating, day-dreaming or observing your inner truth.

It obediently duplicates that vibration.

So ideally, we would discover something that makes us feel plentiful and include it more often in our daily reflections seen or felt as a vibration. 

There are a variety of tools that individuals can use to replicate the vibration of abundance. I’m revealing my favorites throughout this article today in the safe and secure links.

The universe is always in the present moment, no past or future, or as what Eckhart Tolle has termed, The Power of Now.

So when you reflect what you want to the material world you are living forward with that present thought.

3:) How do you record abundance in your own life?

I attended a conference in Florida years ago presented by Wayne W. Dyer (OH, how I miss him).

One of his examples of “reflection” was how a husband and wife used this principle to win the Super Lottery.

That couple placed on their car dashboard fabricated winning Super Lotto tickets, where they’d both see it each day.

The idea was, with both of them together as-one mindfully, they figured they doubled the inner power for reflection.

So what eventually happened, not overnight, they’d won the Super Lotto more than 3 times.

You know how when people purchase any type of raffle or sweepstakes tickets that we imagine even for for an instant, that is possible we might win.

There you have it, living forward through the present moment power of the universe.

But as I’d said earlier in a different way, rather than seeing that you are attracting to you, see it as though you are reflecting it from within you.

Since prosperity and abundance is a quality given you in the Creation, and the Law of the Universe reacts to your reflective vibes.

What if when the power of the universe is urging to breakthrough to your material world every instant of each day?

Would you simply, then, be receiving the answers to: how can I be successful?

(Here’s another helpful related article on: manifestation techniques and why some individuals are manifesting money by a ‘simple setting,’ so to speak.) 

Next, let’s expand our thinking about you certainly do get what you ask for. 

Do We Really Get What We Ask For?

Certainly it is so that in life we get what we request.

The Course in Miracles states: 

  • “Be not afraid, my child, but let your world be gently lit by miracles.”

Now you surely say that it isn’t true. You say you ask for security financially and happiness, and all you got was feeling like you were imprisoned. 

Let’s have a closer look at how living forward works and how our subconscious mind handles this. Since it’s the same.

Everything starts with an idea. A lot of ideas in the very same direction will, that’s for sure, manifest in the real world.

This is the process of creation and how you begin living forward with the life you want.

We are developed by the same process. We use this procedure of wanting things all the time, without understanding it.

Then we are like the majority of people and utilize this power to produce a negative life. Yes, even when we are not conscious of it.

We have negative ideas and get unfavorable results. Once we discover how to think positive thoughts, we will get favorable results in our life.

How come? Our subconscious mind resembles the earth. It does not interfere with what we plant.

Earth does not say: “Hell no, don’t plant those rows of green beans we have enough.”

Our planet Earth does not say: “Bah I don’t like Tulips in the spring, I will turn the red into blue for something else!”

The Earth does not interfere. Earth is a client, operates in silence and offers us precisely what we put in it.

And we absolutely from the heart KNOW that!

We know we will get precisely what we put in the earth.

It’s the same way for answering to how can I get success?

We do not expect them to be purple when they bloom when we put yellow flowers in it. When we plant sweet corn in the garden we don’t expect tomatoes to come out. 

And yet that’s how we react in real life. We sow garlic and anticipate sweet roses. We plant negative thoughts in our mind (garlic or onions) and anticipate good things (wonderful roses) to come out!

Surely we fool ourselves!

And we blame others. We try to find who can possibly be the fault of that (normally we blame the parents or the husband/wife for what fails in our life).

And after that we sob and say we don’t have any luck in our lives.

We take a look at the neighbor and believe he’s lucky since he has roses in his garden. Likewise, we wonder what we did to the world to be worthy of just small tomatoes in our garden!

When the mainstream of your ideas is negative, let’s say for 75 %, then the result will be unfavorable for 75%.

Your thoughts fall into your subconscious mind, which performs precisely what you put in it.

It is a reflection of the Earth, and your life on Earth becomes a reflection of your subconscious.

Your inner vision for living forward resembles a computer system.

When you enter in your computer: “I am dumb, I am fat, I am unsightly, no one likes me”, are you angry with your printer when the paper comes out that states “I am dumb, I am fat, I am ugly, no one likes me”?

Do you slam a hammer at your computer system and do you cuss and curse that he is the fault of everything that’s failing?

No, due to the fact that you know you put that info in it and your computer does not interfere. The output matches exactly the input.

So works our subconscious mind. If you do not like the output, alter the input.

You get precisely what you request for = what you think about the whole day.

Do not be angry with your life, rather begin living forward and get the life you want by creating it.

You are not angry with the tomatoes, are you? You are not upset with your computer system, are you?

Rather of being angry, find out how it works and find out to get positive lead to your life. Start thinking favorable ideas.

Believe only ideas you wish to see take place in reality.

Believe only what you wish to end up being true. And wait for a while, be patient.

One day you will harvest the seeds you plant today. Yes, like you understand earth will give you back what you put in it. It is never ever lost. Simply see and wait.

We know we will get exactly what we put in the earth. When the core of heart of your ideas is unfavorable, let’s say filled with doom and gloom, guess what?

You get exactly what you ask for, because that’s what you reflect all day long.

Rather of being mad, find out how living forward works and find out to get favorable results in your life.

Only think about and believe in ideas you wish to see take place in real life.

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To living forward with the life you want,

James Nussbaumer

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