Make your Dreams Happen – Go Live Your Dream – by the Power of Intention

It perhaps might be time to change the ways you live and think, and begin to make your dreams happen through real intention. Transforming a discussion, just like making your dreams a reality, starts by setting objectives and goals.

Your objectives and goals will help you in taking higher control to make your dreams happen.

A working definition for intention is: “To have in mind a purpose or strategy, to direct the mind, to intend.”

Your intention is to transform the conversation around dreams from worry and self-doubt, to hope and possibility as the foundation built on rock.

Then you must be devoted to following by action and results, and a commitment to live the life of your dreams.

The Course in Miracles states, “Without a foundation nothing is secure.”

It’s Never Too Late!

Some might state this is not the ideal time to dream.

Without our dreams all we have is our present life situation.

Typically our enthusiasm and happiness being powered by the power of intention makes our hopes and dreams a reality.

Given the unknowns and in some cases of craziness in life, there’s never been a more vital time to make your dreams happen and setting your intent is the initial step.

When should you set an objective?

You could set an objective every day.

Don’t be afraid of loss.

Course in Miracles teaches, “In any thought of loss there is no meaning. It is part of a distorted script, which cannot be interpreted with meaning.”

Your objective with a goal could be to work less and make more, or to find a brand-new career that you are passionate about.

It could be weight-loss or to become healthy and physically fit, or to invest more quality time with family and friends, or alone.

Be Specific!

It can be specific and about something in particular or more like a quality, such as to be more relaxed or involved with life.

At sixty-eight years old Betty-Sue set an intention to ultimately being a world famous photographer.

She told me, “We’re never too old to make a dream come real.”

Individuals set intentions on all sort of dreams; to marry or have children, to get a job or make a profession change, to compose a piece of great classical music or write a book, slim down, or move to a foreign country.

When you set an objective and then act upon it to show your commitment, amazing things happen.

The Power of Intention is Yours!

Intent can also give us the needed fortitude for dealing with difficult times.

(Here’s a related article on how to get over and let go of feeling stuck in life and on to what you do want.)  

To make your dreams happen might be as simple as living through this life with passion and dignity and grace.

It’s often not simple, but these objectives and goals lend us composure, peace of mind, and on a good day, a sense of humor.

Objectives and goals can be used for neighborhood or social problems, global events or (literally) in your own yard.

Prior to you rising in the morning, you can make your dreams happen by just having fun or efficient day ahead of you.

Before you leave your house, you can plan to have quality time with your husband or children, or perhaps start your day with yoga for healing technique, or mindfulness meditation.

Prior to you leaving for the day, you can use the power of intention to have a safe ride to work.

Before you enter your workplace, you can plan to do something new or change your routine.

Before the conference starts, you can intend to be brilliant and calm with inner peace.

First Steps in Go Live your Dreams:

  1.  Get clear about something you desire and jot it down.
  2.  Share your intent with someone in a manner that will supportively hold you liable to doing something about it.
  3.  Do something today to demonstrate your commitment to make your dreams happen.
  4.  Acknowledge that you did what you said you would and after that, take the next action.

By setting an objective, you make it clear to yourself and others, simply exactly what you plan to do.

That said, begin in this instant now to set objectives and goals and to redefine exactly what it indicates to make your dreams a reality.

(Ever say to yourself what’s holding me back from success? Here’s the answer.

To a better you,

James Nussbaumer

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