I Feel Stuck in Life Overcome by Learning How to Forgive through Reflection

We will have problems getting what we want in life and think within us, I feel stuck in life and can’t get the life I want.

It’s because it seems we have chosen being chained and bound over real inner-freedom, feeling stuck and depressed, and therefore know little about the real meaning of total forgiveness.



But more importantly, this video/audio is about total self-reflection and the principles that help you overcome that feeling of, I feel stuck in life, and begin living the life you want by forgiveness.

This is necessary, so we can release ourselves from the prison we made that serves our self-made bondage, a darkness leaving us feeling imprisoned in this world.

By learning reflection principles—laws of the universe, you will find freedom and the life you want.

Remember, the Course in Miracles teaches, “Do not be afraid to look within.”

You will heal from those feelings of, I feel stuck.

When I speak of forgiveness, I’m not meaning those phony fronts we often put on when we run around telling people that we forgive them and how much we love them.

The forgiveness I’m speaking of is not toward any certain groups of people or others we may feel have hurt us.

I’m talking about a reflective state of mind, or we may say, reflective therapy by forgiving oneself, first, by, “Overlooking the illusions,” we and much of the world live by, as the Course in Miracles teaches.

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To the power of reflection therapy,

James Nussbaumer

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