‘I Let Go’ being said IS Your Secret to Success

You can make your mind perceive in unfortunate ways, however the Holy Spirit allows your mind to reinterpret those negative and conflicting perceptions. The Holy Spirit helps you to say and do, I let go.

But it’s often hard to let go.



Recovering from these wrong-minded perceptions can be done via such methods as yoga healing exercises and reflection practices.

The Holy Spirit is the awesome Teacher leading you to revelations and the secret to success.

The separation, or split-mind, would certainly not exist if it were minus assumptions and projections, and  your understanding of this is exactly how ‘unfortunate wonders’ end up being a lifestyle for you!

This is also why I suggest this women’s life confidence course which is great for the men too.

The vanity of NOT being willing due to fear, to say, I let go, is the symbol of separation and conflict, equally as the Holy Spirit is the icon of tranquility, oneness and inner peace and freedom.

Just what you regard in others you are reinforcing on your own.

This is why I so commonly recommend to my readers and followers to begin saying and thinking, I let go, can be easily accomplished through meditation mindfulness training.

Yes, I suggest practicing the power of reflection

The secret of success is allowing or letting go of the ego-based mind where it makes use of assumptions to produce a seeming reality. 

And by releasing the ego, and saying, ‘I need to let it go,’ you open your mind for your dreams to materialize.

The Truth in you that you accept gets you over the hump on the wrong-minded idea of, ‘I can’t let go,’ and gets you living the life you want. 

You’ll get the life you want when you can say, ‘I can let go.’

(Here’s a related article on proof why total self-forgiveness will get you the life YOU want.) 

To letting go, 

James Nussbaumer

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