Total Self-Forgiveness Will Get You the Life YOU Want

Total self-forgiveness and then reflecting from within, what you want in life, is what creates your material world…and How to Forgive for Overcoming Feeling Trapped in Life.

The freedom we get from total self-forgiveness brings us the lasting inner-peace we’re looking for, and as well, the right-minded shift for self-healing we need.  



The power of forgiveness gives us the inner freedom to release all the fear, doubt, anger, anxiety, frustration, and the like.

So much of the power of our thoughts is wasted by hanging on to old beliefs we as humans have outgrown.

The Course in Miracles teaches us that, “The serious self-healing measure is in learning to let go, by how to forgive.”

The words in my first book of an ever-developing series, The Master of Everything: A Story of Mankind and the World of Illusion We Call Life, and that I hope you will hold in your hands, are about prison and life; but also about the life of the imprisonment much of the “outer” world lives in, with the world itself as our jailer.

If the world doesn’t jail us, then often we do it to ourselves.

(Here’s more on how to overcome feeling inadequate and low self-worth for a better life.) 

To how to forgive,

James Nussbaumer

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