Live the Life YOU Imagined – Put The Power of Attraction on Your Team

When your inner dialogue is chirping, “Start NOW to live the life you imagined.”

Remember a struggling mind is like a storm in your mind.

I’ve heard someone else say that a troubled mind can seem like a wild jungle full of snakes and other creatures out of control everywhere. Certainly not how to live the life you imagined.



Again, don’t be shy to sign up with group talks where the discussion is focused on how to find peace and tranquility, unified with love, and joy.

If you choose to practice the power of visualization as an exercise for pursuing to live the life you imagined, in the comfort of your home or office, start a collection.

Yes, I mean, a personal library, if you will, with plenty of great books, CD’s, videos, and other systems which you can find online or in bookstores.

Many can’t afford the therapist’s couch, and like the idea of finding peace a personal matter

You may also consider things like, jogging, power walking and other physical exercise, or yoga, for healing, and the ever-so-popular, yoga for weight-loss, and so much more.

The point is that to live the life you imagined can be achieved, and there are ways to begin self-reflection to get you there.

And, in addition to meditation I also strongly suggest this Women’s Life Confidence program that has helped many men and women see their real and full potential.

(When you ask, ‘how to make my life better,’ and what to do next.) 

To living your dreams, 

James Nussbaumer

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