What’s Holding Me Back from Success other than Self-Forgiveness

What truly is total self-forgiveness other than looking beyond what’s holding me back from success?

The spiritual metaphysical principles of A Course in Miracles so brilliantly states for our own self-healing that, “Looking beyond these illusions or untruths is the answer to peace, and that is where real love exists.”



The bondage of not finding inner peace I would discover certainly is, what’s holding me back from success.

For myself, it has always been a mind full of fear and unanswered questions over what’s holding me back from success.

This is why I so strongly urge you to learn how to do mindfulness meditation, or get involved in a yoga therapy for healing, and there’s even yoga for weight-loss.

A continuous state of turmoil and misery always seemed to be just around the corner.

Sure, I was trying to hide my fear, and hide from it in fear.

But was I really hiding?

Was I really stuck or just making the thoughts of, I feel stuck?

It seemed as though danger was always lurking nearby, ready to grab me.

Remember, the power of forgiveness sets us free, and when we can learn to let go of our fears of success then we make room within us to picture success and reflect it into our material world.

We can call this Forgiveness Therapy, if you will.

Here is where we no longer feel trapped in life.

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To a better life,

James Nussbaumer

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