Wealth and Prosperity with Unshakable Confidence are Already Given You

What if the real Universe woke you in the middle of night whispering to you that wealth and prosperity are yours always? 

I have long thought about where to find peace and prosperity with true happiness, but came to realize where it all sits.

Yet when I committed myself to an inward journey I suddenly uncovered unshakable confidence telling me what to do next.

Having sufficient cash and financial freedom always appeared to elude me.

One wee early morning I was on the couch because I couldn’t sleep that night. It’s when  Something Real urged me to see what was missing in my world.

This ‘Something’ reminded me that being at-one with everything has actually provided me the life I want.

This purest of thought ever, like a voice, told me I had dominion over the earth. Yet I didn’t see wealth and prosperity knocking on my door. 

At that point still with lack of confidence I confessed I really did think that prosperity and abundance, relationships had rule over me. 

This insight on wealth and prosperity left my brain feeling numb.

I needed to confess that I did think that financial stability and prosperity had control over me.

Yes, I mean emotions and social life. My career and family relationships. Everything. I call these rough realizations and that ‘Something’ within me let me have it that day.

Keep in mind that the Course in Miracles teaches

  • “You do not walk alone. God’s Angels hover near and all about. His love surrounds you, and of this be sure: that you will never be left comfortless.”

As I write daily and speak when I can, I am constantly receiving wonderful messages about my book series.

As well, I’m baffled at how many of us do not do what our Creator wills for us. His Will is our true free will; a passion and purpose with unshakable confidence.

He wants us to have everything we want and live the the passion we feel, but far too many of us do not. Why is this?

I’ve found that for the most part it is out of fear and doubt that our passion won’t foot the monthly bills.

It is easy to be devoted when the expenses are paid, but can we believe beyond our fearful scenarios?

Can our career or business if it is passionate believe God provides us dominion over money?

Will we believe God will open up the bank vault of Heaven and rain dollar bills upon us if we’d just listen within?

I mean by following inner guidance that will lead us to wealth and prosperity.

Your prosperity circulation will be blocked till you are totally on purpose and passion. Yes, making the distinction in the world you were born to make.

How would you experience personal transformation if you genuinely began living God’s Will as your own? 

Here’s a few things to deal with in relation to vision and a prosperous life:

  • Practice removing your emotions of fear from your thoughts about money.

Your self-worth is not your net worth. Will you choose to be light and joy-filled even if your bank balance is low for a while?

  • Practice being happy for those that are getting true blessings.

Particularly the wealth and prosperity blessings that resemble what it is you truly desire.

Stay in the mindset of expectation that the Universe within you, not outside of you, will handle things. I mean not only all of your household’s needs, however their heart’s desires.

God’s Spirit within you is the real Universe and guarantees that He will supply your needs.  The Spirit of God always comes through because He knows nothing of fear and doubt.

Practice these actions I’ve mentioned above and you will be maximized around financial freedom.

No matter what it appears like today– and well on your way to real freedom!

So, tell me now, how would your life change if you truly felt that living God’s Will is check of wealth and prosperity, and pleasure?

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Next, I want to discuss how to get rid of lack of confidence so will begin to attract money instantly along with peace and happiness. 

Crucial Key Steps to Unwavering Self-Confidence 

Maybe you were speaking to a group for the first time. Possibly you were beginning a tough new profession or meeting a unique individual for the first time.

You will leave a location of psychological and psychological security. You were putting your skills on the line and taking a risk.

There might be fantastic reward if you were effective, because you are living by your passion. Yes, living your true free will which is God’s Will.

However, self-doubt and fear was attempting to interrupt you.

The Course in Miracles further teaches us:

  • “You who perceive yourself as weak and frail, born but to die, to weep and suffer pain, hear this: All power is given unto you in Earth and Heaven. There is nothing you cannot do.” 

Where does unshakable self-confidence come from, and how can we end up being and remain positive?

Here are some actions that will help to let go of lack of confidence.

  • Broaden Your Knowledge about Wealth and Prosperity

Getting new abilities for any endeavor – individual or profession – is the very first step towards confidence. Identify essential areas where you require more confidence to be effective.

  • Experience Small Successes

Self-confidence also originates from experiencing small day-to-day successes. They resemble rewards for putting knowledge into action.

Surely might not be the last objective. They are essential.

Even a pat on the back from a colleague or a compliment for a job well done will improve a person’s level of self-confidence.

Keep track of each small success you experience. You will begin to feel your confidence grow day by day.

  • Work with Passionate and Purposeful Faith

Confident individuals have faith that the Creator has an unique plan for their lives. They appear to know naturally that when they follow this strategy, they will achieve success.

If you want to achieve something, you absolutely need to think that it is possible for you.

You need to believe firmly in your potential. An enthusiastic faith will lead you to discover and follow that function.

  • Enable Firm Resolve

What I mean here is there will be frustrations and setbacks. It is natural to become dissuaded sometimes. Disappointments are not the end of the road if we view them as discovering tools.

Faith in your capabilities will lead you past frustration into a company willpower. Fix gets rid of barriers since it displays perseverance.

Rather of giving up, you will fulfill difficulties by continuing through difficult times. Keep your mind on your intended outcome, not on the challenges.

Think about reasons that you can, not reasons you can not.

With time, talents develop and capabilities grow. You will get a taste of what is possible– a procedure of success that leads you forward with interest.

Interest keeps you fired up to accomplish more of those small everyday successes.

  • Get Expert Help for Continued Self-Growth 

Enlist the assistance of experts in locations where you need more self-confidence.

Experts can be discovered though books, short articles, videos, workshops, or via a telephone call.

A professional coach will assist you stay focused on your objectives and hold you liable for taking the necessary actions to finish your strategies.

Confidence also attracts more self-confidence.

If you are passionate and believe in your goals, specialists will support your plans and use to assist you in tremendous methods.

When you reveal confidence in others, they will show confidence in you.

  • Imagine Confidence for Attaining Wealth and Prosperity

Visualizing self-confidence starts to make self-confidence genuine in your experience.

If you currently had the self-confidence you require for a specific circumstance, think of how you will act and feel.

See yourself in your mind’s eye, showing nerve and conviction. Hold that image in your mind, and your vision will start to end up being genuine.

  • Anticipate to be Confident

Expectation is faith in action. Now that you have imagined how confidence will feel, act as if you were currently positive.

Move surely and energetically as you choose your goals. You are now seeing, sensation, and acting in a positive manner.

You will accomplish what you anticipate. Anticipate to be positive, and you will end up being confident.

Give yourself time to increase your confidence by using these actions during the next numerous months.

Today, you can start establishing an unshakable self-confidence that will bring you delight and success in every location of your life.

Keep these passion and purpose actions in mind always.

I mean, too, especially so while you are always feeling and sensing and knowing that the Universe has been directed by your Creator to lead the way.

Practice these actions daily so that they will help to develop unshakable confidence.

Self-confidence likewise brings in more self-confidence. When you reveal confidence in others, they will reveal self-confidence in you.

It’s the God Essence that holds us all together as-one.

Final Notes on Living your Passion:

Even if you’re living on the edge of financial catastrophe wealth and prosperity with peace are yours today with unshakable confidence.

Picturing self-confidence begins to make self-confidence genuine in your experience.

Now that you have envisioned how self-confidence will feel, act as if you were currently positive.

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To success and happiness always,

James Nussbaumer

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