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Is God always with us is a question we’ve all contemplated, sometimes seriously analytical and other times a ripping a part type of thought, and at other times just simple passing by kind of reflective flowing thoughts.

I have often had some self-dialogue going on where I’ll wager that, you, too, have had some inner conflict about ‘God being real’, and is ‘He always with us’? 

Here below is the PODCAST about, Is God is always with us, and I hope you will open your mind in a non-analytical way, as you consider things like the power of healing. 



Please look at how you might live the life you want, if everyday you look more closely at how your inner workings try to teach you about healing words, and on to your passion in life. 

Then shift forward and answer, is God always with us?  

I mean let’s look further and see what does it take for us to begin living with passion and purpose?

By realizing the power of the mind when you are asking yourself, is God always with us, is there ever any power of healing going on at the same you are trying to find this answer? 

In some cases it appears God is always with us, and is remarkable exactly how straight this inner Essence talks to us concerning exactly what has actually been occurring everywhere, and in our lives.

This might be why you may want to discover a type of mindfulness training for meditation and spirituality.

Many people use such practices as yoga spirit for all-around vibrant health and well-being.

We can easily understand that when it is said that God is always with us, it literally means physically “everywhere you go.” 

This is why for the time being you are occupying this framework of flesh and bones.

(Please note, I always like to invite you to a related article, and here you find more on truly what is the meaning of success and the best way to be happy?)  

To your real healing power,

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