Being More Happy while Living Each Day to the Fullest

The secret to being more happy in life is both easy and complex. It has been hashed out for centuries, all the discussions of philosophy, psychology, speculation, and conversation through the ages about the significances and sources for living life fully.

From Thomas Aquinas and further back to the Buddha and Jesus, and many others, through to the modern-day thinkers, speakers, and authors of today, this secret to finding happiness has hardly changed.

It is the same for virtually all men and women in every nation and all walks of life.

The key to being more happy is in dedicating yourself to the development of your natural skills and abilities and live life to the fullest in all you do, while doing exactly what you enjoy.

Living according to your true free will means being all you can be without fear of loss, and in the service of a cause that is greater than yourself.

The Course in Miracles states, “Fear is a symptom of your own deep sense of loss.”

This is a huge statement and a big commitment for being more happy.

Being content in life means you define your life in your own terms, and then toss your entire heart into living each day to the fullest.

In such a way, being more happy means that you be perfectly self-focused in order to establish yourself to a point where you are true to your heart for the rest of your life.

Are you open-minded to things to do to be happy?

Your way of finding things to do to be happy similarly depends upon your capability to please yourself in all things.

Nevertheless, many people are reluctant to use their own happiness as the standard by which to evaluate the occasions in their lives.

Since often we let others specify or affect exactly what leads us to being more happy, you must make the final choice on your own life.

But all too often we typically believe it is more vital to make other individuals pleased than it is to make ourselves pleased. You must be happy within yourself first, and then others will follow.

Everything we do in life is oriented towards preserving and increasing our level of joy and love within us and to live life fully.

The Course in Miracles teaches, “If you would look upon love, which is the world’s reality, how could you do better than to recognize, in every defense against it, the underlying appeal for it.”

Simply as you cannot give money to the indigent if you don’t have any yourself, you cannot help someone else to be happy if you yourself are miserable within.

The best way to live life and absolute best method for being more happy, is to share your ideas for being content and finding happiness with others.

Suffering and self-sacrifice merely depress us and lead to never finding things to do to be happy.

If you wish to make others pleased, begin by living the sort of life and doing the kinds of things that will have you living life fully, and thus, being more happy.

Make finding happiness in life the organizing concept of your life.

That is, compare every possible action and choice versus your standard of happiness to see whether it would make you better or less happy.

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Is being content important to you?

Quickly, you will find that almost all the problems in your life are originated from your power of choice — or are presently making–that do not add to you being more happy.

There will naturally be numerous times when you will have to do little things that don’t make you pleased in pursuit of your living life to the fullest.

As Wayne Dyer said, “Living according to your passion, which is a heroic mission, is where you will find happiness.”

You are finding happiness when you are moving, step-by-passionate-step, toward the accomplishment of clearly specified objectives and goals that you feel will boost the quality of bliss within you.

Given that you cannot be truly delighted until you are clear about your intrinsic value and possibilities, it’s crucial that you take some time on a routine basis to look within yourself and identify your weak points and strengths.

You can look back on your life and determine who you actually are and exactly what you must be doing with your life.

Begin picturing in your mind being guaranteed success of a specific goal without fear, because the love in your heart is in that pursuit. It might be a goal that is huge or small, short term or long-lasting.

The Course in Miracles shows us that, “There is no fear in perfect love.”

Think and visualize that you have all the money, all the time, all the education, all the contacts, all the resources, and everything else that you may perhaps need to attain any one big objective in life.

What would it be?

This is an extremely important concern because when you remove the restriction from your thinking, you frequently get a very clear idea of exactly what you need for being more happy.

Ask within you for best way to live life.

Your greatest dream is an indicator of your natural abilities and of what is really essential to you, and you will find answers by listening within yourself.

All highly effective individuals are huge dreamers.

They picture exactly what their fortune will be, perfect in every regard, and after that they work every day toward their remote vision, objective or function.

Step-by-passionate-step to their perfect life makes them truly happy.

Remember, in a way, being more happy requires that you be self-focused in order to develop yourself to a point where you can be a giving and caring individual for the rest of your life.

Many individuals are reluctant to being more happy as the standard by which to judge and make blame for the events in their lives.

The really best way to ensure being content in life is to be pleased yourself and then to share your happiness with the world.

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To living life fully, 

James Nussbaumer

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