Visualization Meditation for Prosperity and to Get the Life You Want Now

Does visualization meditation really work to get the life you want while in this world? I mean to actually accomplish what we want in life and for attracting abundance, does meditation for prosperity help?

You invest in coaches, courses, programs, events, books, you name it!

And it all helps for a little while, but nothing seems to really offer you the personal transformation you’re seeking.


That’s a difficult question for many because 98% of human beings are doing it all wrong.

Many people run around, looking externally, perhaps like you, “I’ll get this job or I’ll start this business, or I’ll do this to have this partner.”

Or you’ll invest in this course so you can learn how to get the life you want… the list goes on and on.

You need to find someone who is teaching you how to transform your INTERNAL visualization meditation game.

Get aligned with creating the life you want, internally, from within you, and then reflect your creation to your material world.

You can take all the action, invest in all the courses and execute the strategy, but ultimately what you will find is, it won’t last, it won’t happen, or even if you do have some success, it will happen really slowly.

Give me a little YES nod if you know you need to work on your internal visualization meditation game?

I am telling you as living proof, really, if everyone just followed the right strategy, everyone would literally begin living their dream life.

It really does come down to creating it, first, from within.

Think about that that flash of: “Why them? … and not me?”

When you see, someone living an abundant lifestyle … someone you know is just a “regular Jane or Joe”…

I want you to view this video below, because like me, I’m sure you’ve felt that little twinge of envy and painful thoughts of lack before…

If you are actually serious about creating wealth, abundance, and manifesting your dream life, then it is all about your visualization meditation game from within you.

I don’t just mean, if you love yourself you will create the life you desire because even though loving yourself is imperative, it isn’t enough if your mindset isn’t on point!

You know that financial freedom, lifestyle, success, relationship and happiness, even the dieting success, you SO crave?

You know how you keep trying to figure out what exactly you need to DO in order to manifest and get the life you want?

I mean, again, it doesn’t matter if it’s relationship struggles, or financial worries, of self-confidence issues, or fitness and dieting hurdles, or whatever…

You KNOW that successful others are not any more SPECIAL than you…not SMARTER than you … or more hard WORKING than you…

Then you know why I am living proof of why I love this video which I urge you to see, if you know my story.

You just KNOW that those successful others [have some secret …] that you don’t.

Am I right … or am I?

The Course in Miracles states, “Dreams show you that you have the power to make a world as you would have it be, and that because you want to see it.”

What I want you to understand is it’s not about the strategy.

  • Strategy is only 20% of it.
  • Now, do you know where that seed of envy and lacking thoughts starts?

Again, I say, for those that know my story know why I can prove that it starts in your subconscious mind.

You see, whether we like it or not, your subconscious mind is PROGRAMMED to COMPARE …from the earliest of ages.

Doesn’t it make sense that all you need to do is …reprogram your subconscious through visualization meditation?

And COMPARISON is the father of envy. And comparison …is one of the most deadly limiting beliefs on planet earth.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

Problem is, we have been taught, that it takes FOREVER to reprogram the subconscious mind!

Or, maybe it really does NOT take hardly any time at all!

And it’s all thanks to a strange “brain hack” that’s redefining what it means to manifest abundance and get the life you want.

It’s now possible to accomplish in mere minutes what used to take hours, days, and weeks of training to accomplish.

And… there won’t even BE a need for envy or lacking thoughts ever again!

[A serious new technology is changing EVERYTHING.]

Yes, making it faster, simpler, easier than ever … to reprogram your subconscious mind … to weed out self-limiting beliefs … all through the power of a visualization meditation exercise.

And … more importantly … to reprogram your subconscious mind to MANIFEST MASSIVE ABUNDANCE … effortlessly.

No more having those flash of thoughts haunting you: “Why them and not me?

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To getting the life you want,

James Nussbaumer

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