Fearful and Why You are at the Branch in the Road of Your Life

Fearful and why you just cannot get a grip on this nagging thought process?

Maybe it’s your future you are fearful over crazy stuff, stressed, and what to do next, or which way to turn?

Keep in mind as you absorb this brief message for it’s worth to you this spiritual principle from the Course in Miracles:

  • “When at the branch in the road and cannot decide which way…any choice you make will be the right one when acting from your heart… But you cannot go backwards…”

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But remember, you cannot buy yourself out of this feeling of life sucks and what to do next.

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I ask you to commit to positive outlook wherever you travel.

I mean a right-minded perception of your destiny safely in your heart.

Do you know what I mean?

You know, the type that will come back to you through positive Divine energy for you. As a result, you’ll let go of the idea that your life sucks.

Fearful and Why?

I want to close this brief with another A Course in Miracles profound spiritual metaphysical principle:

  • “Power cannot oppose. For opposition would weaken it, and weakened power is a contradiction in ideas.”

What this means is that if you are still up against that wall of adversity, you have the power to change your life situation, right now!

Too often far too many people which might include you want to have the life you deserve, but too many obstacles get in the way.

If you’re talking to yourself with such dialogue as, ‘ I need to change my life, ‘ then your mind is already at work.

That right there means you are in control of your life destiny!

Know what I mean?

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