Overcome Problems and Obstacles in Life with a Higher Level of Perception

To overcome problems you first must not be so hard on yourself and look closely at your core beliefs with patience. However, each time you attempt to overcome problems, you discover new things about yourself and you step up to a higher level of perception and experience increased inner strength.

Seeing the lesson learned and self-healing within and stay on the path of positive outlook. Making light of certain situations will help you feel and think more positively.

A Course in Miracles teaches us, “What is of God is for all things, because all that is real is wholly of God.”

This must tell us that since the love we have within us is real, and therefore must be of God, then this love must not have a single exception.  What I mean here is that we make up our own exceptions, just as we make up our own beliefs. 

So really, then, what’s the difference between an exception and a belief? Don’t we think we need them both, to protect us from, or to overcome problems or our fears? 

The obstacles in life

They both are used as a weapon for defense.  “This is my belief, so I must stick with it at all costs” is a statement we will use that seems to justify a stance taken during conflict. 

How then can we heal ourselves when we carry this conflict, and how can our perceptions be meaningful?

The fear that has been fostered by this conflict cannot possibly bring you joy, whereas healing does, and peace comes with it. 

Think of the peace you feel when you know you’re healing and know that you will overcome problems. 

Healing is consistent by the Holy Spirit and involves His constant undoing of errors. 

Rather than asking Him to heal you by fixing a situation or circumstance in your life that is giving you difficulty; perhaps how to save a marriage, career choices, financial or any other obstacles in life, even weight loss, ask that He help you to understand how healing is taking place.

Here you are manifesting a miracle!


Ask that He help you to first perceive, and then to know, what to do. 

This could happen immediately, all at once, or there could be a period of time between perceiving and actually knowing what to do, or even in knowing that you are on the healing path. 

Ask, too, that you become aware of His Guidance.  If you act on a perception that seems solid, but are mistaken, don’t worry; it’s okay. 

He will use this mistake as a step toward a higher level of perception if necessary, or on to knowledge. 

Like many successful others who understand theses laws, as long as you sense His ever-prevailing Guidance, you cannot be off track.  It may seem that you are stuck in one place, but this is only temporary. 

The Holy Spirit uses time to get you moving in the right-minded direction. 

But sometimes He must abruptly stop you in your wrong-minded tracks, and then turn you around.

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To easily overcome problems,

James Nussbaumer

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