Importance of Faith for your Success and Purpose in Life

The importance of faith and its power is one whole and human aspect in us all that is often covered by a veil, perhaps, where we can see slightly through, but not entirely. When we lift the veil we begin leading a life wholly on faith that will never allow for self-doubt or the slightest compromise.

Due to the illusive forces that are brought forward by faithlessness, a segment of the mind chooses to see itself as separate from the Universal Purpose, which is awakening

With this false idea of being separate from God, the body becomes the instrument of fantasy.

The self-doubting ego in us wants to think that God’s Will is His alone, and not ours, too.

This is because the ego in us doesn’t understand wholeness of mind, let alone oneness with our all loving Creator.

In book 1 of the series I went as deep as I could about… It acts on seeing what is not really there, not realizing the importance of faith and hears only what it wishes to take from a situation, working to make that true. 

Ask yourself: How many times have I tried to help a matter be seen as true, or truer, or truest? 

A Course in Miracles teaches us…All real purpose draws on the importance of faith, and real faith and is easily exchanged for the knowledge of what’s real. 

For instance, don’t you truly know when you pretend to have knowledge on an issue, especially in a group discussion? 

That’s okay; we’ve all done this.  At least it proves where your true knowledge lies: inside. 

This may give you a slight chuckle; such posturing in order to appease the ego is all too human. 

But this teaches us that faith arises in each of us from the Universal Inspiration as a perception that eventually bridges its way to inner knowledge, and this depends on our individual readiness and willingness at any given time to begin crossing that bridge. 

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Try to mentally picture your positive, right-minded perceptions as the building of a bridge over the valley of ego-based nonsense to true knowledge. 

By doing so you will begin to see faith as a gift—an “idea” of inspiration given to you by your True Self. 

Then you will become ready to say to yourself, Ahh, of course.  Now I know why I’m here!

A Course in Miracles so lovely states, “You will not succeed in being partial hostage to the ego, for it keeps no bargains and would leave you nothing.”

Knowing the importance of faith turns into becoming an uninterrupted state of bliss, which is your holiness

It doesn’t require that you receive it or accept it by wearing special garments, using special oils or water, or being involved in special ceremonies. 

Holiness does not come to you in this way. 

In the sequel we look at why…These are all fine if this is what comforts your body temporarily. 

But that’s all these types of things can do for you. 

These actions do not prove yourself to be a spiritual person.  Miracles and magic are not related, because one is real and the other unreal.

Grace is not given to a body, but is forever holy in your mind.  “Holiness” is a word that is often assigned a deceptive meaning by the ego, a meaning steeped in magic or a quality bestowed from “out there.” 

But holiness has a true meaning: Your mind receives and gives always as different aspects of the same thought.

This true idea, or understanding, of being holy is what gives you faith.  It’s in your spirit or inner urging that is willing to look beyond the body. 

This action is the real definition of forgiveness and is what heals.  Healing removes illusion from the mind and makes whole what thinks it is separate.

You can enslave a body, but an idea is free and incapable of being kept in prison, or limited in any way, except by a mind that wishes to see false ideas. 

Ideas travel from mind to mind within an ocean of wholeness called Spirit.

Your spirit remains joined to its Source, and whether you see a jailer or a liberator depends on which thought system you choose to live by. 

Do you wish to struggle at chasing after fantasy, or do you want to be guided to the reality of your true existence?

Here’s why letting go of the limitations of self-doubt faith in yourself skyrockets to your full potential:

To the importance of faith,

James Nussbaumer

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