A Course in Miracles Lessons-Personal Development by Leaving the Ego in the Dust

A Course in Miracles lessons is great personal development, spiritual health, and confidence building, which brings out your greatest gifts. What does this truly entail? Self-help books for depression or personal development courses certainly are a good step in the right direction.


In order to make spiritual health and confidence building and other areas of life easier, my team has created a subscription—an ever-developing and ongoing personal development course called EVERYDAY MIRACLES, and we would love your participation.

Many people have asked for ways to more easily access my material on a regular basis.

With your subscription you will automatically receive invitations to my ongoing webinars, live streams, videos, and my twice weekly newsletter delivered to your inbox.

My personal development, spiritual health, and confidence building content dives deep into redirecting the mental power of our mistakes–before we act them out– into positive miraculous results, through the power of higher consciousness which makes room for Everyday Miracles in our lives.

(By the way, when you are finished here I believe this related brief article with a video will help, on  how to begin achieving your personal goals and being happy with yourself.) 

Learn to feel more whole minded

As many of you know I literally stumbled into A Course in Miracles lessons years ago while deep in the rabbit hole of the prison system, and my voice is real and direct enough readers feel a connection and can relate to the prison virtually all of us dwell.

Whether you are in business, retired, a stay at home mom, professional of the arts or athletics, other professions, or even no profession, it doesn’t matter; or perhaps a politician, government employee, sales, customer service, or even if you are down on your luck, or whatever it is you are doing now in your life, spiritual empowerment is critical for personal development.


Videos and audio helping you make sense of things like Spiritual Freedom realized through the dream of separation; the ego’s tricks for imprisonment; the Holy Spirit’s Lessons for Freedom; Seeing through illusion and on to success;

Inspiring Joy in Others; Healing Relationships; Understanding Christ Vision within you; Correcting the Problems you Only Think you Have, like losing weight; and so much more, and meditations for communicating with the Whole, and a never ending array of life enhancing content helping you take joyful bites out of life.

Unlocking the chains that often keep us bound

During my 8 long years in prison over a foolish securities violation as a financial advisor is where my writing was born, and today I continue to write, study, and teach daily based on the principles contained in A Course in Miracles.

I hope you enjoy this subscription of EVERYDAY MIRACLES, and begin your own journey to becoming The Master of Everything, simply by, Mastering Your Own Spiritual Freedom.

Since my release from prison I have published three books that are just beginning an ever-developing series about freeing ourselves from our own inner prisons through Everyday Miracles.

And today I give seminars and talks everywhere.

See how you can learn to experience everyday miracles in your life through my ongoing Everyday Miracles newsletter teaching you to clearly understand and practice the principles contained in A Course in Miracles lessons.

Join in and subscribe like many successful others already are from all over the world who are learning to seek and definitely find, by releasing their ego, letting go and healing their minds by living eternally present always.

Week in and week out you will receive directly to your inbox guidance on the fundamental principles of A Course in Miracles lessons in easy to understand language.

Here’s an article to see why faith and its power is so vitally important to not only success in life but for your purpose lived: 

To leaving the ego in the dust,

James Nussbaumer


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