Psychic Mind, Psychic Gifts and Spirit Essences-Fantasy or Real?

Do you have a psychic mind, intuitive gifts that you may be physically unaware of?

To some the word psychic may seem like fantasy, but try to go beyond the word itself as you read this article.

As you contemplate more about the power of the mind, not the brain, but the mind beyond the body, consider where perhaps certain thoughts like your intuition come from.

There is a group of individuals from the past, present, and even those who have not yet arrived into the dream of life, who know how to use their minds. 

It is a secret society of minds representing the eternal One-mindedness we ultimately are, as well as the right-mindedness of humanity as a whole. 

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In book 1 of the series we deeply discuss…This unity of minds or psychic mind, if you will, affirms an affinity within humankind while keeping the world from destroying itself. 

These minds have another way of looking at the world.

Many of you will begin to pick up on psychic gifts soon by recognizing it in others you encounter in everyday life. 

Some of you will also immediately become alerted to minds of past beings and those not here yet. 

In some manner they are all a part of the wholeness of the Child of God beyond the tiny segment of mind that dozed off and dreams of being humanity. 

The ones who are not here yet merely have not yet projected themselves onto the screen of life. 

But in everyone, a psychic mind we’re all capable of, regardless of their projected-image status, is the true oneness behind the dream that is eternally existent. 

For those who are deceased, those of us presently here carry their weak projected image, spirit essences, if you will, around with us in our physical memory.

This intuitive society is a group of real whole minds, a psychic mind perhaps, who understand and can glimpse a sense of connectedness to all that exists beyond the physical world. 

As you read this, you might in your own psychic mind realize you have at one time or another found yourself sensing this same connectedness or unity.

In no way, fashion, or form is this infinite society to be considered a cult, because that would require an idol to follow or worship.  

And in book 2 we dwell on…When the only guidance is Truth, which needs no worshipping, an idol means nothing. 

A Course in Miracles states, “Idols are quite specific. But your will is universal, being limitless. And so it has no form, nor is content for its expression in the terms of form.”

This society of Truth is esoteric in nature, basically meaning that its true essence does not require or rely on advertising, with its mission being to begin to accept responsibility for humanity.

The society shares its inner realm of inspiration with all of reality. 

When, or if, our bodies ever meet, we may or may not recognize spirit essences in one another as such; but usually it doesn’t take long before we realize each other’s spiritual presence. 

But as you will see if you pay attention, often we reveal ourselves in other ways that are not actually physical or even conscious. 

These meetings could be direct or indirect, through a television or radio show, the internet, a book, a letter in the mail, or any other means of communication humanity shares.

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To your intuitive mind,

James Nussbaumer

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