Secret Law of Attraction-Cosmic Consciousness and your True Potential

The secret law of attraction can be best understood by your own natural sensation that ‘like minds attract other like minds’. You know it’s true, but often we shy away from the idea. 

The secret law of attraction has a voice urging you to see that you are one and whole with the universe and have the inner freedom to write the script of your life story while in this world. Call it cosmic consciousness if you’d like.

Book 1 of the series truly sets the tone about…Anything that is divinely free like the secret law of attraction, and that has a mission of helping others in order to save the world automatically raises an eyebrow of doubt in the ego in each of us.  

In other words, the ego in us thinks there’s a price for Heaven.

But please begin reading with mostly your right-mind now—the positive nature in you that wants the best out of life while you’re here. 

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The only catch to this secret law of attraction, or cosmic consciousness, that you may or may not consciously be aware of is that any wrong-mindedness holding you back from your true potential will be caught up in a right-minded wind and blown away.

Anyone may hold membership and is open to everyone as a secret law of attraction who is a truth-seeker of true potential, and your commitment is not validated, nor is any form of documented enrollment required. 

In fact it is unheard of. 

Some are more wholly and deeply involved than others, but at these different levels of secret law of attraction everyone senses their own unique function.

Keep in mind that without absolute truth of God one could never have such a sensation, which is not always knowledge at first, but often quickly shifts into an exciting acceptance of one’s path. 

There is, however, a certain urging or voice, if you will, that speaks to others who are ready to lend support.

In books 2 & 3 you see more closely why…This society of peace and wellness and forgiveness has been doing a profound kind of thought processing of the secret law of attraction for thousands of years. 

It includes, but is not limited to, for example, Jesus, the Buddha, St. Thomas, and average men and women from all walks of life, and a whole line of others who were known or popular, like Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II, Abraham Maslow, Einstein, and many more. 

Names don’t mean a thing.

Their names and bodies don’t matter because they eventually wither, but minds remain as a secret law of attraction, and it’s a divine whole minded idea that time will never abolish.

You’ve seen these individuals everywhere, on a local level as well as worldwide.  You know who they are. 

A Course in Miracles states, “The Holy Spirit needs your special function, that His may be fulfilled. Think not you lack a special value here. You wanted it, and it is given you.”

From the volunteers at hospitals and nursing homes to the young individual who shoveled your driveway before dawn, without notice or expecting so much as a thank-you. 

These people act in these ways out of kindness of heart, and it’s a secret law of attraction that the body cannot understand.  They have a mission in a mind that abides behind their own consciousness.   

Shifting to wholeness

These minds, and more and more minds, continue to arrive on the scene every day by letting go of the ego-based thought of separation, and will do so as long as time and space are still hanging around. 

I say “hang around” because time and space are hanging around for the time being as the ego’s lifeline. 

This society is not really “secret” in the ego-interpretation of the word, but more discrete, because the purpose requires that this society of minds remain as uninfluenced as possible by an ego-based thought system. 

In other words, the secret law of attraction is how you manifest miracles and never maintains a flamboyant or pompous or grandiose demeanor which does not help the society’s purpose.  

In fact, it only sets us back. 

Instead, we can observe the society’s esoteric or hidden nature, a quality of grandeur, which is of God.

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To your quality of grandeur,

James Nussbaumer

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