Spiritual Psychology and Why it Helps Humanity Experience Strength and Hope

We may say that spiritual psychology is uncovering an inner knowing that all who are here in this world, those who past on, and yet to arrive, are one and whole with our Source—most often called God.

Going beyond traditional beliefs as the body being who you are, spiritual psychology shifts an individual to spiritual wholeness.

This shift helps many discover the inner issues causing their troubles in life, helping to get past them, and to experience strength and hope.

Mindfulnee Meditation certainly has helped my Spiritual Life

In the pilot of the series we deeply explore…The fantasies of humankind have become an “institution” to the ego’s thought system—a type of confinement that seems to separate itself from its Source. 

This illusion has developed suffering and pain and death, but humankind has forgotten that it chose this separateness freely, and believes it to be freedom. 

And in the sequel…The illusion expands to believe that because man has the power to be separate, he has the ability to experience anything he wishes. 

A Course in Miracles helps us see that…No one can make the impossible real, however, and separation from our Source is impossible; therefore this remains a dream of fantasy. 

But it can seem to be real, as do most dreams.

I also urge you to search deeper for how to be happy with yourself and answering to, what do I need to be happy, is in how to begin finding happiness inside you.

The reawakening from the dream of separation, our ultimate goal for spirit wholeness, is actually a release from this confinement and is the willingness to accept the role of being co-creator with God.

Every moment more and more individuals everywhere are realizing that here is where your real and full potential along with inner strength sits.

But as A Course in Miracles states, “The body cannot know. And while you limit your awareness to its tiny senses, you will not see the grandeur that surrounds you. God cannot come in to a body, nor can you join him there.”

By becoming completely free of illusion, we experience strength and hope, a thought totally alien to the ego, which believes the opposite. 

By declaring your own freedom from this prison cell, you release the illusion of separation so it can fade away, and to experience strength and hope and reassume your place as an integral part of Divine Wholeness, which is your true reality.

Again I say in different way, how to just believe in yourself and let the power of self-belief lead you. 

Spiritual Wholeness

The infinite number of people who have been here, here now, and yet to arrive—a spiritual psychology of togetherness and forgiveness may move their focus every so many years, or month to month, or day in and day out. 

This depends on where the most ego involvement exists, bringing on violence and war, or can be simply due to minor help needed in an area such as the snow-blocked driveway being cleared unexpectedly when you may be rushed.

The violence to which I refer is not limited to physical abuse, but can also take the form of attackful thoughts and gestures.  

Some members of this spiritual psychology focus on more volatile areas. 

But when their level of accomplishment is complete in any one area, or they receive an inner direction to move on, they seem to be easily replaced.

Just think about how we more and more travel the world.

Think about how often people relocate many times in their lives whether for careers, family, school, or what have you, and the lives they touch while there and when moving on.

Unsurprisingly, given the depth and strength and communication level of spiritual psychology, this replacement seems to occur automatically, based on the level of thought needed next and the readiness of that individual.

Healing always taking place:

No matter how often a soul is replaced as his or her task or level of accomplishment is completed, there is always another positioned in an area until complete healing has taken place. 

This spiritual psychology—a spiritual wholeness of minds, is not planned or manipulated; it merely shifts as needed. 

We could say it’s a “shift change,” so to speak.  In other words, someone is always naturally willing to move in who seems to be the most solid resource in helping forgiveness to take its foothold. 

Or we could say that this spiritual psychology seems to have the appropriate vision to look beyond the errors of the occurrences and is capable of bringing peace to the area; and then wholeness comes forward.

Many successful others have researched how to understand the secret law of attraction—cosmic consciousness and your full potential: 

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