How Humanity Awakens through Quantum Consciousness-Awakening the Third Eye

No doubt as you hear about humanity awakens, or quantum consciousness—awakening the third eye, a part of you may wish to chuckle in disbelief.

But I expect there’s also another part of you that wants to know more. 

This latter part of you is the same part of me that continues to write of my experiences of never-ending mindful healing and spurts of growth. 

Our mindful healing and growth occur in spurts due to ego interference that tries to block it. 

More and more successful icons around the world are thinking this way, and so should you, too, if you want to program your inner self for success.

Ego-Based Defense Continues

My own individual position in quantum consciousness is one step behind many, But as well, one step in front of many others in a continual procession line of peace. 

This procession of truth is the interlocking chain of oneness called the process of how humanity awakens.  This entails the undoing of errors in our thoughts with corrections leading to total oneness of mind. 

In book 1 of the series we closely look at…As long as time exists there will be some ego-based gaps, or missing links in its chain.

There will be a point in time, however, when the gaps before us and behind us will be filled. Then the chain will be fully linked and welded eternally together as the One-Mind of God.

This inward healing reflects into your outer world.

Healing and Spiritual Awakening

In other words, total reawakening will end the illusion of separation.

(While this article is not about commitment in relationships, here’s a related article on fear of relationships, that may help you more clearly realize healing from cause and effect.)

As humanity awakens will prove that time and space never really existed at all. 

To awaken means to undo errors of thought entirely, and become whole. 

But before this can take place there is much more shifting [of illusory belief to perceptions—which are supported by our projected images and some intuition and then to inner divine knowledge] that must occur in all minds.

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As projections fade away allowing for perception to shift deeper and become pure knowledge the mind of humanity will heal. And the process is ongoing, everywhere, in every moment.

This shift I speak of where humanity awakens is a simple motion from wrong-mindedness to right-mindedness, and from there over the bridge to knowledge. 

In book 2 the sequel we see that…A new way of perceiving the world is happening all over, as the light of truth grows clearer with the Holy Spirit’s use of time. 

This is how real knowledge comes forward in all of us.

Mindful Healing and how Humanity Awakens

Let me say that I do know how many of you must feel. 

There was a time when, if someone came to me with a story like humanity awakens or quantum consciousness, I would have thought they were crazy. 

But the part of your mind that wants to know more is the real you, and you have been welcomed to awakening the third eye– thorough quantum consciousness as a brother/sister.

Being that your body is not the real you, I use the word “brother” for the purpose of expressing unity. As well, the oneness that is beyond any gender connotations of the body, which would only add duality of thought to the picture.

In this oneness is where we learn to trust our real inner voice leading us to the life we truly want to live.

Therefore, for you females reading along, please do not be offended when I address you as brother.

I really mean brother/sister, or speak of God’s “son” or refer to God as “He.” 

These are merely conventional shorthand for you—for the Oneness.

Besides, regardless of your level of involvement on this path as humanity awakens, you are together along with me.

Likewise, and all others as an expression of the wholeness of thought, at-one with God, as His Son, or whole Child of God. 

If we pause to get hung up on a traditional word, we can credit ego-based interference. 

It’s the meaning behind the word we are seeking, as we share brotherhood as God’s whole Child, and as One Mind—the consciousness behind the body.

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To living the life you truly want,

James Nussbaumer

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