Soothing Anger by Consciousness Responsibility over Frustration Now

Soothing anger is a must for finally reaching your life dream and the goals that go with it for long-lasting happiness. Much of the USA and the entire world are watching the consciousness effort desperately and losing hope. Many are wanting things to happen right now in this instant today. I like this spiritual metaphysical […]

The Inner Life-What It May Mean for Your Own Perseverance

The nature of being open minded to the inner life or the idea of One Mind, or we may more easily say, “quantum mind,” remains deeply mysterious. We find spiritual implication in the term “consciousness” itself.   We seem to be aware of what it means to be conscious, but isn’t there an intrinsic inner […]

Hidden Wholeness Must Be Uncovered to Rid Global Conflict

The hidden wholeness that is who we are is a wonderful story. It only seems difficult to tap into it, yet going there is the experience of knowing what truly is. We certainly know what this hidden wholeness is, because “to be it” and “to have it” is the knowledge, but an illusory aspect in […]