Hidden Wholeness Must Be Uncovered to Rid Global Conflict

The hidden wholeness that is who we are is a wonderful story. It only seems difficult to tap into it, yet going there is the experience of knowing what truly is.

We certainly know what this hidden wholeness is, because “to be it” and “to have it” is the knowledge, but an illusory aspect in us we may call ego wants to block it or at least obscure its light.

In the pilot of the series we dive into…The body’s own brain since the dream of separation began assigns names to tag everything, establishing a perception as we wish it to be. 

This way the part of us that dreams of being only a body—the ego, may secure its own separateness from our Creator and from one another. 

Any nameless things are always given a name, which also “gives” them a seeming reality.

Once something is named, it of course must then have a meaning, and from that point is considered to be meaningful.  

In book 2 of the series readers see that…This becomes an effect without a true cause, thus making a consequence for itself. 

This puts humans in charge of their own cause and effect, yes, the law of attraction, which is why there is so much chaos, global conflict and wars in the world we see with our body’s eyes.   

(Try this for living a balanced life and how to be successful and highly effective in life.) 

This is the method by which the world’s reality is made, purposefully setting this “reality” against truth.  Ongoing conflicts keeping us from being whole are not of the creation.  The reality the world thinks it is aware of sees wholeness as its enemy.

A Course in Miracles states, “See no one from the battleground, for there you look on him from nowhere.”

 We must learn to deny this type of global conflict.

It conceives of little things and looks up to them.  It fears anything too magnificent. 

When something comes around that lacks this divider called space, and has a hidden wholeness, or a vision that sees differently, the ego perceives a threat that global conflict must overcome.

A Course in Miracles proves to us, “There is no substitute for peace.”

I have held back myself on identifying with this hidden wholeness or quantum consciousness.  Consider it being a garden of sprouting minds that sees no space, therefore overlooking bodies by looking beyond them when someone has a need to be met. 

The vision from a hidden wholeness remains a natural direction for the mind to channel its perceptions into right-minded alertness.

Within time, and time being exactly what the Holy Spirit uses for His Teaching, you will find yourself a member, so to speak, we may say, of this Hidden Wholeness.

The word “Wholeness” to suggest no size and no-threat image, but in its Grandeur a physical size has no meaning. 

This is where you will come to understand what real learning means to the physical world.

Being Tuned In   

The goal this quantum consciousness, we may as well name it, is to achieve communication so that concepts can be meaningfully shared. 

The world doesn’t doubt that when something is not given a name it must not exist.

In real consciousness this is understood, and this hidden wholeness of mind surely is seen by the ego of the world as nonexistent. 

To question what the world ego may say to be real is seen as madness, and to accept it without qualms is the proof of sanity to the ego.  It’s a phase of learning that everyone who comes along in the world seemingly must go through.

But there is part of every individual that conceptually has, at one time or another, come face to face with a bright awareness that there is “something more” to this world.  This is your welcome to the hidden quantum consciousness. 

Some tap into it and others don’t.  Of the ones who do, some are more tapped in than others—a level of being “tuned in,” if you will.

The ego exposed

The part of you that does tap in is the part of you that exposes the ego for the nothingness it is, and its premise that is questionable and has doubtful results. 

In other words, the part of you tapped into your hidden wholeness is the part of you that is enjoying reading this article with an open mind. 

This is the part of you that questions the world’s causes, which make its own effects

Are you ready to move forward and discover a new type of perception that will override your doubt?

This is where we can rid global conflict and begin to see reality, rather than allowing a single name to dictate its meaning. 

All the arbitrary names the world has placed on everything can be withdrawn, and seen in the light of true reality.

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To your real consciousness,

James Nussbaumer

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