Beyond the Body – What are we Looking For?

Beyond the body initially is a thought difficult to accept when the ever doubting and fearful ego in us all tries to intrude. Everything we see in this world has been assigned a name, which becomes its identity.  Take the clock, for example.  It is a timepiece that keeps us organized into days, months, years, and a lifetime. 

Then there are individuals, such as myself, Jim, and I am a writer, formerly a financial advisor, and once also a convicted felon, as well as a father, grandfather, ex-husband, son, brother, and, friend. 

In book 1 of the series we see how…The world has its choice in giving us an identification tag that suits its purpose at the particular time it brings me, or you, and others, to mind, but can’t seem to identify who we are beyond the body. 

(Here’s more on when you ask, ‘how to make my life better,’ and what to do next.) 

The projection of others determines this.

For eons, humanity has used names to carve out sections from unity or oneness.  A separate unit is then the effect, divided or split apart by space.  

In book 2 the sequel you’ll learn why…This space, which is also given a name, is the divider that causes the appearance of separate occurrences in terms of place and time, where all bodies are greeted by name.

As important as space is in this task, we still see it as nothing; yet we believe we are separate in many ways.  How can space be nothing, if it separates who we are and is responsible for our separate identities? 

Or—does it really divide us? 

But without space, how could our bodies ever appear to exist, let alone survive? 

Isn’t there space even between the heart and lungs?

Is it because of space we’re often wondering what are we looking for.

Can it be this space is the part of the unity that holds the body together? 

Is that infinite and vast nothingness that allows music to exist a space that acts like some sort of glue? 

If space is nothingness, then “nothing” must be what makes our bodies seem to be alive. 

How could we walk, run, wave our hand, or speak, just to mention a few, without the help of space?

How would you notice those dark circles under your eyes when you look in the mirror on a gloomy morning if there were no space?  Where would gloom come from? 

We see this space as setting off all things from one another, which is the means by which the world develops a perception of how things appear to not only be, but operate as well.

No Space? How Odd!

A world without space and seeing each other as beyond the body, as identity in Christ, is difficult to comprehend. 


Because we would be whole, and wondering what are we looking for wouldn’t exist as a thought.

Besides, the ego will automatically step in and tell you something like, “Without space, all you would see is endless bodies attached to one another—a chaotic mess, with mass confusion.  It’s ridiculous to even suggest such a situation.” 

A Course in Miracles states, “You who prefer separation to sanity cannot obtain it in your right mind.”

This, of course, makes no sense—my point being that the ego makes no sense, which is why it cannot begin to understand wholeness. 

A Course in Miracles further helps us see that…The ego cannot visualize anything without bodies somehow being involved, nor can it tolerate even the thought of identity in Christ as our unity unless it’s used for gain.

Regardless of the ego’s thought structure, however, take away the body, going beyond the body and physical matter, and what we have is simply space.  

Or does space really exist at all if we are beyond the body, if there’s no physical appearance to project it? 

The ego-based mind and its frustration!

Your ego may now be giving this thought a good effort—accompanied by some frustration, wishing I would move on or clarify further meaning. 

My point is this: While we’re here in the dream of separate bodies, and separate lives, and separate wills and freedoms, we interact through the use of space. 

We made this space by projecting it into the dream of life—in exile in this world to hide ourselves from one question. 

It is an in-depth question that we just can’t seem to answer and are really afraid of its truthful antidote to our problems.

Here it is: What really is beyond the body, these names the world uses to become a part of a series of events, set by these individual wills of things, of bodies held apart by space and holding bits of mind-thoughts as an awareness

Go ahead, dive deeper, go beyond the body, and see what you discover!  

Here’s an article on an idea for how to feel better about yourself just by knowing ways to feel happy: 

To your identity in Christ,

James Nussbaumer

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