How to Feel Better about Yourself by Knowing Ways to Feel Happy

If you often wonder how to feel better about yourself and always thinking about ways to be happy, you’ll continue to fight with yourself about ways to have more self-confidence. It’s quite obvious.

Even the individual with the most self-confidence in this world, would start feeling down on his luck if he/she were always listening to that chirping voice in their head telling them how terrible they look.

In book 1 of the series we see that…The ego is that snarling dog in us all that is always haunting you about how to feel better about yourself, and diligently tries to teach us that “to have” and “to be” are different. 

This is not so according to the Holy Spirit’s interpretation, and from your right-mind He is constantly inspiring you and reinforcing the fact that you do indeed “have” and “are” everything that exists. 

How can our Divinity be whole without you?

In book 2, the sequel, you learn to…Remember, the ego wishes to tell you that “to have” is a “getting” result due to a lack of something.  But the Universal Inspiration teaches that we are the Kingdom of Heaven, because you and I are God’s Creation. 

(Here’s more on how to overcome feeling inadequate and low self-worth for a better life.) 

With that, you and I both “have” and “are” the kingdom, and lack nothing, and here is where you live life around what you want.

A Course in Miracles states, “God has given you a place in His Mind that is yours forever. Yet you can keep it only by giving it, as it was given you.”

Any doubting thoughts you have about how to feel better about yourself come from the ego, because whatever is questionable is due to lack of wholeness, which is separateness. 

This is why seeing yourself as a body raises questions. 

You raise doubt about yourself by placing too much emphasis on the body; but to relinquish this habit can be easy to do. 

For instance, when you look in the mirror first thing in the morning, simply ask yourself, “Who is this looking in the mirror?”

Having What You Want

When asking how to feel better about yourself, look again in the mirror and see if you notice the real you, the overseer or the spectator of this messy-haired reflection, and watch the gloom fade away. 

Then notice that the real Overseer is with you to Guide you through your day. 

Use this little trick on seemingly miserable mornings and watch your true essence shine. 

Sure, you may notice dark circles under your eyes, but you will also be quick to recognize that you need more rest and less stress in your life—a right-minded goal to lead you away from ego-based thinking. 

As my good friend Zig Ziglar once said about how to feel better about yourself, “Get rid of stinking thinking.” 

Then a calmness will move in and take over because you’ll know something magnificent is definitely beyond your body.

This calmness of being is what populates God’s kingdom. 

Try to see how this calmness connects and how it is shared. 

It then becomes a vision of oneness and wholeness, and is a situation the ego can never rule over. 

This makes the ego desperate because it literally faces invincible odds, whether asleep or awakened to reality.  The ego is aware the body has its end, but you are eternal.

This cannot be explained completely by words, because the ego made words, and it likes to dissect those words for its own interpretation. 

Rather, please see my words as a traffic sign, interpreted by the Holy Spirit in you, and in me while I am writing them. 

He will give these words to you in a fashion He sees as suitable, based on your needs and readiness to receive them.

Don’t dissect it

When you see a stop sign while driving your car, you don’t get out of your car to get a closer look or dissect the word’s meaning.  You automatically know what it means and act accordingly. 

Similarly, please allow the words I have chosen, which are right for me, to find automatic acceptance in a way that is right for you. 

Then you may begin to know your own true self beyond the “bad hair” or “no hair” image you see in the mirror—and thus travel on a path that best suits you because it’s what you want, and not what is wished for by the ego.

This place that holds what you want is where you must see the world from. 

So when you hear the ego in you saying something like “You must sacrifice this in order to get that, so when your time has come God may take you with Him,” you can stop and smile. 

You will truthfully be able to say to yourself, “I’ve always been with God, and will eternally be.”  Don’t allow the ego to convince you that sacrifice is a “getting” mechanism. 

Sacrifice is not an ingredient in the Holy Spirit’s recipe for your success.

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To realizing how to feel better about yourself

James Nussbaumer

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