Grief and Depression Overcome by Going After What You Want

Any grief and depression you fight is due to the ego-based mind. The ego in us all has often asked us to “Be careful what we wish for,” and it has surely been correct.  When you wish for something, at best you will experience only fantasy, nothing real.  The ego also tells us that “All good things must end.” 

Being that the ego in us sees fantasy as real and good, it is correct again, in the fact that it is temporary itself for fighting grief and depression. 

It also advises us to “Enjoy it while it lasts.”

In book 1 of the series you will learn why…What we wish for is a temporary fix; but when we truly want something, you can count on reality being involved. 

To truly want is to make a demand for something that is a necessary ingredient to complete your true free will. 

In book 2, the sequel you find that…The Holy Spirit will arrange that you do indeed easily receive what you want.  He will take your demand seriously.  This is not an arrogant stance; but wishful thinking is.

(By the way, learn here, WHY NOT learn to live the life you imagined by putting the power of your  inner Guide on your side.) 

Taking Inventory

You must be willing to take an inventory of all your doubts and fears and grief and depression, and carefully look at them. 

Then truly decide what you want.  The Holy Spirit asks that you hide nothing from Him; but in reality, you can’t. 

He is the aspect of your mind that ensures that all that is real, and all that is intended to be real, arrives on the scene.

 If you can begin to look at your doubts and fears, you will see with real vision the nothingness they come from. 

You will have taken the first step toward overcoming grief and depression and preparing your mind for success. 

The peaceful path will begin leading you to true reality, or what we call the real world.

The Holy Spirit will not only make sure you have what you need, but He trusts you in your “wanting” of it; and you will have it. 

He wants to work together with you, and once you’re willing, your participation in the idea of your true free will help other minds to begin seeing the Guiding Aspect of their own mind. 

How do you participate?

You may not even realize the effect you have on other minds, just as others have not realized their effects on your mind, and both benefit from this learning. 

But don’t dwell on this or try to analyze or dissect it. 

A Course in Miracles teaches us how to…Simply leave this method of overcoming grief and depression up to the Holy Spirit, while He communicates through your own willingness in linking your knowledge to others. 

What you can do is to remember that your brother/sister is that true essence beyond the frame you see as a body. 

He is your brother, who shares the unseparated mind as the Son of God.  This is where giving and receiving become aspects of the same thought within the same whole mind

This is true Divinity.

In your own mind will come a point of declaration of independence from the ego, and a declaration of dependence to your own free will, which gets you beyond grief and depression. 

This free will of yours may seem to be selfish, at least for a moment, until you see that this is only the ego’s belief. 

But if it is a true free will, given to you by God in the Creation, where giving and receiving are the same, then how can it be selfish when it is shared with God? 

Your declaration of dependence to your free will tells yourself the ego doesn’t exist, and for a while you may experience a part of you being afraid. 

But don’t worry too much over this fear, because it’s only the ego crying the blues.

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To your true free will,

James Nussbaumer

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