Identifying with the Ego Only Blocks the True Knowledge Within You

Any offer you receive by identifying with the ego is always temporary, and it will tell you that “this is what life is all about.” You must be in alignment with the laws of giving and receiving and what my good friend calls, the “Likability Laws.” I thought he made a strong point.

However, spirit can give you a sense of permanence and unshakeable being through the air it breathes called knowledge.

In book 1 of the series we look closely at…No one who has ever experienced this knowledge from within can ever again trust or believe the ego—that doubting and fearful aspect in us all, when it tries to communicate.

When you are identifying with the ego, it must mean that you are not certain of your unified oneness with God. 

It means, as well, that you have questions about whether or not you do have a Creator.  But don’t worry; this thought has crossed all our minds, thanks to the ego. 

This is only your own separateness being afraid to heal.

There is not a force in all of eternity that is strong enough or worthy enough to guide you, except for your own true free will. 

In this free will of yours is the Spirit of God, and in the Holy Spirit’s giving this free will to you, all giving and receiving will remain yours.  “Ask and you shall receive” is both true and necessary so you may have the resources available to give.

Jesus, the man, who extended this idea to us as our elder brother and leader of the Atonement process, has asked us to stay mindful of the Oneness, our Divinity, which the Atonement stands for. 

It’s the undoing of identifying with the ego and its fantasy assumptions and projections.

Your Free Will Guides You

In book 2, the sequel, we explore that…The spirit of Jesus, through the Christ-Mind we all share, stands at the end as the final welded link in the chain, where completion is guaranteed. 

We can say the Christ-Mind is the whole Child of God personalized, onto which you may project the image that suits you. 

For example, in a casual conversation I had, someone used the idea that Christ can be seen as the “mind,” so to speak, that operates God’s Whole Son.  With this understanding we can see the Child of God as our relationship with Oneness.

Full Atonement within this relationship, or the end of time when identifying with the ego has ceased, is where we will all appear as Christ. 

This will be the Final Judgment, but rather than a meting out of punishment, as the ego sees it, this is when all the love we could have will exist without conflict, when we are free of all illusion, and reality will be the vision. 

Fantasy will no longer have an attraction, and not really an event “in time.”

How, in the realm of One-Mindedness, can a single conflict exist? 

This is what is really meant by the statement “Thou shalt have no other gods,” because there are none when we can break free of the chains that imprison us by no longer identifying with the ego. 

The Holy Spirit—our inner Guide Who helps us break free and links us in spirit to wholeness while we’re in this world, has intended for us to use this wonderful statement as a devotion to Truth, rather than a demand. 

But over the generations identifying with the ego has interpreted this as a direct order or a rule for obedience called a “commandment.” 

Can it be as though the ego has worked diligently toward teaching us that we see God as a commander?

I suggest this article for how you can be immortal and live daily at your full potential by understanding the right-mind: 

To the Reality in you,

James Nussbaumer

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