What is Heaven-How You May Live It Daily and Enjoy Life

We’ve all wondered, what is Heaven? And we’ve all heard it said: “May the Kingdom of Heaven be yours.”  Most of us have never really considered what this means, other than picturing Heaven as some location far away.

But think for  a moment about the power of the mind.

The phrase what is Heaven or where is Heaven suggests that someplace outside of us will welcome us at some point, or invite us in as a just reward. 

In book 1 of the series we deeply discuss…When we consider what is Heaven, we may picture streets paved in gold somewhere beyond all the galaxies, or a puffy pink cloud upon which we ride, or any of the many other mythical illustrations that promote the supernatural.

In book 2, the sequel we look at…Instead, let’s take the fantasy out of the picture and understand that the Kingdom of Heaven is you, because it is within you. 

Your true free will is the Kingdom of Heaven which is you, because you are what God created.  There is nothing else but you. 

There is nothing else it could be but the best in you, because this is the whole message of spiritual awakening from the concept of time.

A Course in Miracles states, “Each herald of eternity sings of the end of sin and fear. Each speaks in time of what is far beyond it.”

Heaven Is Yours

Heaven is that essence of our minds wholly linked together and then welded by our Guide, the Holy Spirit, with His effortless communication, until all minds are gapless.

You, as the Kingdom, have created a spirit, and regardless of the ego you have not stopped creating. 

What is Heaven we may say is that spirit of who you are that has an interest in this article you read now.  It is that spirit that freely interprets my words for how they pertain to you, without dissecting the meaning of each word. 

What is Heaven is that acknowledgement of being more, which you inwardly feel you can be when you involve yourself with a willingness to forgive.

You and your ego will never be co-creators, but your spirit and your Creator will always be creating together, and this is Heaven. 

You are creating every time you experience the extension of joy, which is a direct result of peace, and each is a result of Love.

But the ego in each of us regards any activity of our spirits, and the spirit itself, as the enemy, and each ego has its own battle plan. 

Given the number of egos, or individuals, on this planet, it’s no surprise there is so much chaos, confusion, greed, lying, and war. 

This is the work of the billions of individual battle plans in action. 

In our separateness, what we fight we only get more of, and this separation is what keeps us from being complete and reaching maximum potential.

The ego must have you on its side, believing in separation, in order for it to remain separate, and to continue to teach its separate ways for the generations to follow. 

But the ego is losing ground with time as its enemy, and as it slowly but surely fades, it continues to offer a supposed Heavenly reward for maintaining the belief of separation. 

The ego tries to make you feel arrogant when you accept your oneness with God. 

The ego insists that God is somewhere outside of you, but always at your side.  It will raise an argument if you don’t believe so, and will feel just in its attack.

Its golden gates

The ego’s argument over what is Heaven is that the “Gates of Heaven” wait for you. 

It emphasizes the “gate” to Heaven as some sort of blockade, or an approved entrance area where only those who have “earned the right” may enter. 

It also stresses that you must first be questioned by the “Gatekeeper” and pass that test before being admitted to your reserved space.

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To the Kingdom within you,

James Nussbaumer

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