Inner Knowledge and the Meaning of Salvation: To be Saved from What?

If inner knowledge is spirit, and of course this would mean that spirit knows all there is to know about you, which is your oneness with God, then how can any aspect of inner knowledge be saved, and saved from what? 

I realize we all may question what the term “salvation” really means.  So let’s try to study that question for a moment or so, and go ahead and listen to the ego’s input. 

A Course in Miracles gives us great lessons on… The ego will tell you of all the things you need saving from.  It will tire itself out trying to prove to you all the things you should be fearful of or stand guard against.

Okay, now that you’ve had your little consultation from the ego, which you made, let’s move on.  What we’re trying to understand is really quite simple.  You have an inner knowledge that tells you that you are not your ego.  This is your spirit. 

And then there is a part of you that can’t make heads or tails of your spirit, and never will.  This is your ego.

The Ego Will Tire Itself Out

Bear with me now.  Let’s face it, when you’re not being yourself, don’t you truly know about this little charade you’ve made up? 

Is it the ego that senses your untruthful game being played?  How could it be, when the ego is not real? 

The ego can sense nothing, but it can reside in fantasy and fear. 

It fears losing its untruthful identity to your inner knowledge. 

It is the real you that has the knowledge of the entire charade, so simply let go of the ego and all its falsity by letting the truth in you be shown.

In book 2 of the series you’ll see why…With this realized, now you can see salvation as nothing more than accepting this knowledge.  In this sense you are saved, or we can say “born again.” 

Look at this deeply and see who you are.  You have the ability to operate from right-mindedness by choice and to quickly spot ego interference. 

Awakening achieved

This is not to be confused with the One-mindedness of the Holy Spirit, our ultimate state once full awakening to truth is achieved. 

But total right-mindedness must be achieved before One-mindedness can be restored. 

I use the word “restored” here because isn’t this your true state of mind behind the dream of “judgment and separation”?

We actually do possess One-mindedness now, but the ego-based mind is obscuring our vision, some of us more or less obscured to the Light. 

Our inner knowledge leads us to the next step automatically, because knowing rather than perceiving moves in a direction that leaves attack behind, and this is a state where wholeness will find us. 

Use of time

This will completely obliterate the ego and its wrong-mindedness, with the Holy Spirit’s use of time.  The ego cannot survive without judging itself, let alone other egos. 

Sooner or later it will have no choice but to fade away into the dust it says it came from.  Total nothingness.

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To your inner knowledge,

James Nussbaumer

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