Myths about Who and What You Are as Ego-Based Projections

This is an ego-based projection or assumption that will never bring a life of fulfillment and lasting joy, because it’s not real.

Myths keep us wondering.

It’s a thought system of myths that dreams based on perceptions which are powerless and get us nowhere.

In book 1 of the series I had fun going deep here…The ego with its myths is always striving to gain your spirit’s attention and to prove an existence of its own. 

But what the ego will never understand is that spirit is the knowledge you possess, and your knowledge of what and who you are is unaware of the ego.  Only you as an ego can be aware of the ego. 

When we were kids, didn’t we say, “It takes one to know one”?

In book 2, the sequel, I feel my reader will clearly see that…The real you in its wholeness cannot conceive of an ego at all. 

The ego believes that it can be rejected by something greater than itself if it doesn’t live up to certain standards.  This is why self-esteem is delusional, but only a mask strived for by the ego. 

Remember, the ego or its myths is not intentionally or naturally bad; it’s just extremely erroneous in its thought system.

God’s Creation is Who and What we are within His Mind and not whatsoever separate from Him, His Idea of us, we may say, and, of course, is not erroneous, but it is certainly real, and therefore has no need to make myths. 

God created us in His likeness of mind, not a body. The body is nothing but what the ego has projected and fears.

A Course in Miracles states, “For every dream is but a dream of fear, no matter what the form it seems to take.”

While there have been creative efforts to make mythology, whatever the ego makes is not a creation. 

These myths are entirely of a perception that is uncertain in form, featuring a system of good-versus-evil, in which the “good” side of the form is not intended to be fearful.

Myths and magic are closely tied together, since myths are usually used to explain body (ego) origins, and magic usually relates to the powers the ego wishes to believe it came from. 

Mythological systems usually include some account of the creation and associate it with a particular form of magic. 

The so-called “battle for survival” is only the ego’s struggle to perceive itself and its interpretation of its own beginning. 

The beginning is usually associated with physical birth, because it’s difficult to maintain that the ego existed before that point in time.

The more religiously ego-oriented may believe that the soul existed before and will continue to exist after a temporary lapse into ego life on Earth. 

Some even believe that the soul might be punished for this lapse, such as the belief in a purgatory. 

St. Augustine built up the idea from St. Paul that all souls are born into this world with original sin, and a few religions then decided that baptism would cleanse this sin away. 

Doesn’t Salvation mean a Total Cleansing of Guilt and Mis-Beliefs?

Why do we think otherwise, but then at other times Truly Tap into what is Real?                                                             Because your true spirit is whole, that true peace and joy about you, is one with God.  Who could possibly have the job of saving God?

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