Manifesting Abundance by Understanding the Concept of Giving and Receiving

What may be keeping you from manifesting abundance in your life? We’ve all been taught about giving and receiving, and the ego feels safe in giving when it’s by comparisons.  The ego cannot understand equality, and true charity is impossible. 

In book 1 of the series readers learn why…The ego will never even begin manifesting abundance because it is always wishing for more; therefore it can never give out of abundance. 

The ego may feel like it is manifesting abundance at times, but only briefly due to its constant worry about lacking. 

In book 2 the sequel we explore…It is not that one person’s ego is too overwhelming and another too weak or too small.

The overdevelopment may be nature’s attempt to straighten out the disturbance resulting from too weak an ego.

Please ask yourself this question honestly: 

Does it make you feel good to give?

This is how the concept of “getting” has come to life in the ego’s thought system. 

Don’t get me wrong here; you should feel complete when you give, as long as you realize where this “good” feeling is coming from. 

A Course in Miracles states, “The projection of the ego makes it appear as if God’s Will is outside yourself, and therefore not yours.”

When the good becomes your true knowledge, and you are aware you are giving because that’s what is in your heart, then truth is felt throughout and extends to whomever you’re giving.

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Here is where manifesting abundance begins. Their truth will know the truth in you. 

By contrast are not egos aware of each other when ulterior motives are involved?

The individual’s ego that has not sufficiently grown, whose ego is weak, is incapable of coping or manifesting abundance in life. And the person whose ego is overgrown and overemphasized can’t seem to know the real self.

Your conflicts and problems always result from either too big an ego or too small an ego.

You have probably heard or known about situations where, through quantum consciousness, or we may say, through our interconnectedness of mind and giving, we have recognized and discovered one another when help was needed. 

Many times the giver was not even aware that the receiver had actually received guidance or help.

(Here’s how to begin overcoming negative thoughts of the ego-based mind and ushering in positive self-talk.) 

Let’s try to understand that “giving and receiving are different aspects of the same thought,” and there is no lacking in between, because there’s no gap. 

This is how your own feelings of lack can comfortably shift over to manifesting abundance: mind to mind, or perhaps better phrased, mind within mind.  It’s that simple. 

It’s all about darkness being drawn to the light.

Striving to Get

The ego is always striving.   Think about our appetites of any kind. 

These are bodily “getting” mechanisms, representing the ego’s need to acknowledge to itself that it surely has its needs. 

The real you will see that the body gets nutrition, along with some pleasure in doing so.  But the ego will take its striving for food to its own level, where it’s never satisfied.

The appetite for food is a good example of a mechanism of getting, in order to satisfy a need called hunger. 

It goes much further when the ego says, “Okay, I ate a healthy meal; now give me that sugar!” 

The ego regards the body as its temple, trying to satisfy itself through the body. 

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To manifesting abundance in your life,

James Nussbaumer

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