Overcoming Negative Thoughts of the Ego and Ushering in Positive Self-Talk

I’m sure you are aware that overcoming negative thoughts can be self-fulfilling? When confronted with an extremely tough problem, the individual with a negative mindset will unlikely be able to cope with the issue as compared to an individual with positive self-talk and a positive mind attitude.

As you contemplate this piece, keep in mind that the Course in Miracles states, “The ego is afraid of spirit’s joy, because once you have experienced it you will withdraw all protection from the ego, and become totally without investment in fear.”

Fortunately, the world is getting to the point where we have more positive thinkers instead of unfavorable thinking with a negative mindset.

If this were not the case we would not have grown so wonderfully, globally with intelligence and development for many years in regard to engineering, medical science, information technology, etc…

And, think of those who are yet to arrive into this world!

This is why it is so vitally important we extend our real inner Self that overlooks the ego in us all by going beyond  the ego to accomplish our life of purpose.

When we overlook by going beyond, we’ve come to understand the real meaning of forgiveness.

Why is it that overcoming negative thoughts can be at times difficult to accomplish for many of us?

That individual would likely to give, up rather than continue in finding the solutions to the issues if an unfavorable thinking person is in a difficult circumstance.

The well-known innovator Thomas Edison would not have actually succeeded in turning on the light for the world in a very literal sense, developing the light bulb.

Think about it, if good ole Tom Edison didn’t know how to begin overcoming negative thoughts while working to get through all that trial and error he had to face, we might still be in the dark.  

Few individuals can endure working more than 1000 times in an experiment, and it is because that such positive self-talk in people exists that we have the ability to delight in the development these days.

The Course in Miracles teaches, “Of your ego you can do nothing to save yourself or others, but of your spirit you can do everything for the salvation of both.”

Consider that you just can’t even begin overcoming negative thoughts with a hard issue at hand.

(Here’s a suggested article on how to begin overcoming fear of success with positive self-talk exercises, which I love.) 

Most likely, you will give up after a couple of shots.

You will be doomed.  

If you cannot learn to incorporate right-minded positive self-talk with optimistic outlook you will give up too easily, and always assume that things can never ever be done and it is no use trying any longer.

People who will not learn more about overcoming negative thoughts have the tendency to look down on themselves and blame the environment, and rely too much to luck instead of trying and discovering brand-new and alternative methods of fixing the problems.

For that reason, to prosper in your life and achieve your objectives and goals to live your dreams, look around, seek, find and see, listen and surround yourself with positive thoughts.

Hang around with individuals who like to learn and to believe more right-mindedly, and then begin to have belief in yourself that you can do it, even though you are still traveling through darkened thought.

A right-minded favorable thinker will allow the darkness to be attracted to the light.  

When we are faced with a very hard problem, the person with a negative frame of mind will unlikely be willing and ready to cope with the issue and move on to completeness.

The person who understands the importance of positive self-talk is miraculous.

I mean right-minded inner dialogue, that urges one to overlook the obstacles by going beyond them, is the highly effective individual.

As humans we must learn more about overcoming negative thoughts in a tough situation, so that we may endure and live the life we want with fulfillment and inner peace.

This is of the habits of highly effective individuals everywhere, and positive self-talk is how successful people grow.

A negative mindset only sets you up for giving up far too easily, while constantly assuming and projecting that things can never be accomplished.

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To letting go of a negative mindset, 

James Nussbaumer

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