Overcoming a Scarcity Mentality by Overlooking and Looking Beyond the Ego

A scarcity mentality is ego-based and circles around thoughts and perceptions that there’s not enough and that we must sacrifice something to get more.  The ego and its scarcity mentality tries to taint your own true colors into believing you’ll have to do without; you make yourself feel lacking. 

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But when you overlook an ego antic for the nothingness it is, you are forgiving yourself, or whoever else has tried to fool you. 

“Overlooking,” and thereby forgiving, doesn’t mean you should be afraid to give a firm “no” to a situation or to request that someone simply pardon you from any further involvement with them because the relationship is not right for you. 

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There may seem to be a sacrifice involved, but turning away from a negative involvement is not a sacrifice

In the sequel you’ll find that…When you do feel that you have sacrificed, this is intended by the ego to suggest that you are rightfully owed, or due something better, and can therefore sacrifice now in order to get more later.

This is a scarcity mentality that keeps from holding the world in the palm of your hand.

For example, giving up a TV show, or going to bed an hour later, or rising for the day an hour earlier.

The fragmented ego’s golden rule seems to be “Give now in order to get later.”  This “giving” or “giving up” is usually compared in relation to other egos. 

The ego will also try to fool you and come in the back door by “giving” so that it may receive “Divine” favors, even though it has no interest in you living Divinely. 

A Course in Miracles states, “When we look at the ego, the, we are not considering dynamics but delusions.”

The ego has a preoccupation with a scarcity mentality and thoughts of lack that keep it thinking it might be missing out on something. 

Self-Esteem Is Not Required

Our whole and real Self is of real minds—quantum consciousness has no such scarcity mentality, it is what it is, and has no needs at all, which includes not having to prove anything or feel we’re “missing out” on something. 

The ego perceives other egos as being real, and uses this perception to try to convince itself it is real too.  In contrast, quantum consciousness of truth and abundance does not require self-esteem. 

This may seem at first to be an arrogant statement.  In ego terms, however, “self-esteem” means nothing more than fooling yourself, or “esteeming” yourself, into believing you are something you’re not—and doing so with a convincing wrong-mind.

The real You is not fragmented and has no such scarcity mentality, does not need to be “esteemed.”  If you are praising yourself, then you are judging yourself; but what is real requires no judging. 

Remember, the ego is nothing more than a fantasy “maker,” or dream of what you wish to be. 

You think that you must judge this wish in order to get where you will never go. 

This is so because it’s not what you truly want.

Keep in mind, when I speak of the ego, I am not speaking of something possessed only by others.  So when you shake your head in disgust, it is toward an aspect in yourself that has gotten out of control. 

It truly is about just deciding to be all you can be. Wouldn’t you agree?

The good news is that the ego is not real; but it does indeed seem to have us all fooled.

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To your real Self,

James Nussbaumer

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