Beat Your Fears by Letting Go of Fear Holding You Back

Are you able to beat your fears? Or do you continue to feel you’re not rich enough, or perhaps good looking enough, strong enough, smart enough, and on, and on? Many do, for all of their lives, until the bitter end.

But what you must understand when you want to beat your fears, is that the fear is a natural self-made instinct of the ego which is represented as the human body.

Then try to see that the fear is not a natural aspect in you, but is natural to your ego-based mind.

A Course in Miracles states, “Remember nothing that you taught yourself, for you were badly taught.”

Don’t let fear hold you back from your true calling and dreams or you’ll continue a life of guilt and despair and further fear of divinity. The fear of God has become what we think to be our reality. 

Is fear holding you back?

We try not to even begin to realize the magnitude of that one error—the “original sin” of the separated ego, or the symbolic situation in which Eve projected the serpent luring her to eat the so-called forbidden fruit, in turn causing Adam to panic and try to cover up the matter, sending both of them into a lifetime of guilt. 

Humanity has been fearful of the “Tree of Knowledge” ever since.

The error was so vast and so completely incredible that from it a world of total unreality was made. 

The emergence of that one substituted thought—the thought of the separated ego substituted for the truth of Oneness—is to this day what we think we live inside of. 

We’re bounced around in its fragmentation, a motion that continues to add more fear instead of beat your fears.

Additionally, we refuse to realize that this event, bringing us into the dream world of time, space, and form, was only an error in thought—an error that can be simply undone or reversed—which is how we manifest miracles in life.

A Course in Miracles teaches, “Be not afraid, my child, but let your world be gently lit by miracles.”

How we Experience the Miracle of Heaven

(Here’s why overcoming what we don’t want and moving forward in life means letting things go by your own power of choice.) 

But there is nothing in that error that will truly keep you from experiencing Heaven as you beat your fears.  We only choose to think so, because of the guilt and fear of the ego-based mind. 

What can it possibly be that brings about our disunited perceptions, forcing us to make continuous substitutions for Truth? 

The fear of God, or fear of True Reality, is the only cause of this insane problem.

From the moment of the first separation from wholeness of mind, the images of our errors are projected outward.  The world we physically see in all its forms, shapes, and sizes, colors, even fragrances, arose in the ever-fragmenting and substituting split-mind.

The movie screen, so to speak, on which these projections portray its images is passed along from generation to generation, which in true reality is only a blink or flicker of the eyelid.

What we’re afraid to realize is that if we take away the projection and look behind the theater screen blocking out Reality, we will find ourselves naked in truth. 

Truth extends infinitely inward, where the idea of loss is meaningless and is how you may beat your fears.

Acknowledging the ego in you without judgement or condemnation is a huge first step in truth.

If you begin in this instant to see it this way, you have started to let go of fear holding you back.

(Please note that if you’re still a bit unfulfilled, try this related article about overcoming feelings of worthlessness.)

To realizing how to stop fear,

James Nussbaumer

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