Feelings of Worthlessness Risen Above by being Open to Finding Joy in Life

When we have feelings of worthlessness, we often treat ourselves poorly. But you are capable of rising above such statements as, I feel so worthless, and onto optimistic self-worth.

Quite often individuals experiencing feelings of worthlessness or low self-esteem, hardly ever experience a state of naturalness.

If you are one of those who believe they are only their body and that the body is where it all ends, you probably would not find my books and articles enlightening. 

Since you are reading this, it most likely means that you have had at least a glimpse of something beyond your flesh and bones. 

State of Naturalness

Regardless of your beliefs or feelings of worthlessness, please answer to yourself a question that once consumed many others at some point in their lives, who have been responsible for major breakthroughs that positively changed their lives and the face of humanity.

Have you ever felt at any particular time you were guided to make a breakthrough decision? 

Whether it be with family, marital or love relationship healing, career, social, financial strategy for success, or any other obligation, most of us at one time or another have had to make a serious decision.

The decision was also most likely made easily and with minimal self-doubt. 

I feel so worthless

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Even when those feelings of worthlessness and self-doubt seemingly did weigh heavy, you knew the choice you were going to make, regardless of doubt and fear. 

Following the Holy Spirit is natural, and therefore is easy. 

The world seems to work against nature.  I use the word “work” because going against your state of naturalness is always work.

When you are often telling yourself that “I feel so worthless,” you seem to not want to treat yourself so well.

A Course in Miracles teaches us in more ways than you may think that there are “no orders of difficulty in miracles,” yet the world perceives orders of difficulty in everything. 

This is because the ego in us all cannot understand the concept of wholly desirable. 

But many are gaining the knowledge that anything within themselves that operates out of wholeness has not one thing more difficult than another.  I’m sure you know within yourself that there is no difficulty at all when you operate from your natural state. 

In this state those feelings of worthlessness never seem to crop up, but rather is where you’re finding joy in life.

Finding joy in life

This state of mind is enforcing positive outlook and optimistic self-talk, where you see the world in a similar fashion.

This is your state of grace.

Every Child of God has this natural state; otherwise a person is out of his or her natural environment and therefore cannot function well.  Have you ever felt your pursuit in any given situation to be a strain?  Of course, we all have. 

This is when you are operating against your naturalness and the ego in you is presenting you with feelings of worthlessness.  It’s because the ego is illusion, and is worthless.

There’s no point in pushing harder.  The situation may budge, but will end up in turmoil.

 A Course in Miracles states, “The Holy Spirit will always guide you truly, because your joy is His.”

The only environment where you will not experience strain and feelings of worthlessness is being where you belong. 

Where you belong is the only environment you’re worthy of, because your worth is of the Creation and beyond anything you can make.

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To your state of naturalness and finding joy in life,

James Nussbaumer

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