Trust in Oneself is the Means for Developing Inner Strength to Live Life On Your Own Terms

Certainly life seems to be a struggle when there is lack of trust in oneself. But things seem to get better and remain better when there is trust in oneself, because it begins developing inner strength.  

Ok, you can find it here, but let’s look at this:

No one needs to search for perfection to be more comfortable in life, just do what you truly feel, and begin living life on your own terms.

Yes, follow your inner Guidance system.

Discovering where your strength comes from means to trust in oneself, and know that the Holy Spirit—your inner divine Guide, yes, a spirit Guide, if you’d prefer, always sides with it. 

This begins developing inner strength and reaching the power of your subconscious mind.  But if you avoid His Guidance, you’ll only be asking for weakness.

Let’s face it, being weak is frightening. 

If this is the decision, then we must want to be afraid rather than having trust in oneself. 

The Holy Spirit will never guide you toward sacrifice. 

But the ego will try to convince you that sacrifice is your “strong arm” against fear. 


When you are confused about this type of motivation, it’s due to the images you are projecting. Notice how you feel when you are confused or resistant for change, and then shift forward to just deciding this is not the time to be feeling this way and to have trust in oneself.

The most successful and wealthy realize that this confusion makes self-trust impossible.

No one will honor a guide he or she doesn’t trust.  But this doesn’t mean the guide is untrustworthy.  However, the follower of this guide may be.  This too is merely a matter of the follower’s own belief.

Look at it this way:

If you believe you can betray, you will believe that everything is capable of betraying you.  You will not only lack trust in oneself, but of the world, too. Yet this is only because you elected to follow false guidance. 

Unable now to further follow this guidance without fear, you associate fear with guidance, and refuse to follow any guidance at all.  No wonder the result of a decision can be confusing.

Developing inner strength 

So when we want to begin developing inner strength and change a condition, we need to say something like this in the form of a short prayer or meditation:

  • I am willing to release this pattern within me that is making this condition.

The Holy Spirit is as trustworthy as you are, because He is you.  Your self-trust, or, trustworthiness, is beyond question, but the ego’s is questionable. 

The willingness to trust in oneself will always remain solid, no matter how you question it. 

Remember, you and I and everyone else are the Will of God.  His Will is an optional choice only to the ego which doesn’t really exist, since what we are is what we truly are.

The entire idea as a whole, of the separation, back to the symbolic Garden of Eden, lies in this error.  The only way out of this error is to decide you don’t have to decide on anything any longer, other than trust in oneself. 

You are what you are by God’s decision.  He decided about you based on His Idea of you, regardless of how you dream of life in this world. 

A Course in Miracles states, “You must look upon your illusions and not keep them hidden, because they do not rest on their own foundation.”

You cannot undo this.

Even when we make a false decision based on fantasy, and then turn around to relinquish it, which drives the ego into more worry and fear, the relinquishment decision is not a wish. 

It is accomplished by the Will of God, Who stands firm behind you, around you, and within you.

His Voice, which is communicated to you from within, will teach you how to distinguish between pain and joy.

A Course in Miracles further states, “Beneath all the grandiosity you hold so dear is your real call for help.”

Listening to the Voice for God—the Holy Spirit, within you, not outside of you, is your true intent and is what will guide you out of any confusion you may have made for yourself.

To developing inner strength,

James Nussbaumer

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