Ways to Achieve Your Dreams Easily Discovered by the Healing Self

Are the ways to achieve your dreams brought forward in you through self-healing? This idea of the healing self must be understood, and it can be easy and pleasurable, just like for those who reach their dreams.  So if attaining what you truly want in life has been a struggle, consider the self-healing I’m talking about.

If you will accept that the Holy Spirit—your inner divine Guide will direct you to the ways to achieve your dreams, as He did there with me during those tough long years in prison, you can realize it in a way so as to avoid pain. 

Surely no one in their right-mind could object to this goal if you were aware of it when it’s taking place.  Being aware of it depends on whether or not you truly want to listen to what He is teaching you about the ways to achieve your dreams. 

We never know what He has in mind for us in His Reasoning, although we can be certain that ultimately it involves our healing.

We know more about the healing self as we heal. 

To reach your dreams

We no more recognize what is painful than we know what is joyful and are, in fact, very apt to confuse the two. 

The Holy Spirit’s main lesson is teaching you to tell them apart so you may follow the ways to achieve your dreams. 

Here’s what I mean:

Many believe that whatever is joyful “now” will “cost in the end.”  Or that we must first “pay our dues” or sacrifice to attain the joy of discovering the ways to achieve your dreams. 

The thinking seems to be “What goes up must come down.” 

This leads some people to many wrong turns like drugs or alcohol, to mention a few, so that they may control their own wishes as to when they may experience a high.  As long as we’re in doubt about what or who we are, we will remain confused about pain and joy.

This confusion is what inspired the whole idea of sacrifice. 

By placing the weight of our pain on sacrificing, we believe we make the pain a “smaller pill to swallow.”  But as you listen to the Holy Spirit for the ways to achieve your dreams, you are giving up or letting go of the ego. 

Remember, as I discuss in detail in book 1 of the series, The Master of Everything: A Story of Mankind and the World of Illusion We Call Life, that there are only two thought systems. 

One is the illusory, ego-based mind, and the other is real and communicated to us by the Holy Spirit of God.  In His communication within total oneness of all that exists, there is no requirement for sacrifice. 

How could there be, unless you’re dreaming of duality? 

Being conflict free

A Course in Miracles teaches that, “In understanding this you are conflict-free…This is the time for faith”

This is why we need to begin demonstrating the obvious to ourselves, though it has not always been obvious to us. 

If you believe that doing the opposite of God’s Will can be better for you, then you will strengthen your beliefs that it is possible to actually succeed in the opposite of His Will.  This is the karma you will make. 

You’ll discover sooner or later that this is insane and will drive you deeper into insanity.  You would be trying to believe that an impossible choice is open to you—one that is both fearful and desirable.   

We must remember, “God Wills,” He does not make wishes come true. 

The healing self

Remember, as A Course in Miracles states, “What is true always has been true.  Your will is as powerful as His because it is His.” 

The ego’s wishes mean nothing because the ego always wishes for the truly impossible. 

You can wish all you want for the impossible, and you will get nothing.  But if you “will” it, along with God in oneness, you will begin discovering the ways to achieve your dreams and have what it is you want. 

There will be needs along the way, and you’ll have them met too.  Your knowledge of this is your strength, which weakens the ego. As the ego-based mind weakens, we come to see a healing self.

To your healing self and reaching your dreams ,

James Nussbaumer

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