Take Charge of your Life by Being Aligned Properly to the Universal Law of Cause and Effect

Do you take charge of your life? What kind of life do you truly want to live? There are many who lead lives based on cause. But what I really mean is, far too many of us live much of our lives based on effect–reacting to the groans and moans, judgements, desires, or the up and down emotional factors others deal with.

Geraldine and Tom of the greater Miami, Florida area message me about cause and effect being so interesting yet mind boggling. They liked how I explained it in book 2 of the series, called Mastering Your Own Spiritual Freedom.

They asked if I would elaborate on whether or not we may use cause and effect to improve our lives. I thought about this for becoming a better you:

Try to begin to take charge of your life and make a decision each night at bedtime. This system is proven to me.

Yes, at bedtime, and here’s what I mean:

Each night when you go to bed, you can either ask yourself, “I wonder what tomorrow will bring to me,” or you can choose to think and say, “What kind of day will I give myself tomorrow?”

The choice is yours for becoming a better you.

If you are living around the idea of effect, you may accuse people close to you for your misfortunes, or for a poor attitude, say, over losing when you so desperately needed to win.

Feeling Weak and Worthless

You may feel weak or worthless and rely too heavily on family and friends so that your world may be more comfortable.

Living around cause means that you are decisive about your goals for life and in manifesting what it truly is you want in life.

You have a desire to take charge of your life.

Believing that someone else is responsible for your happiness or your different moods is very limiting and gives this person psychic karma or powers over you, which can cause both you and the other person a quite a bit of anguish and stress.

Not a good way to take charge of your life.

Becoming a much Better You

Does this mean that to take charge of your life you should always live your life based on cause? No, not at all!

The great majority of the time you should be thinking cause, and the effects right for you will find you.

(Here’s a related article on how to begin overcoming I feel hurt thoughts and dealing with emotional pain.) 

In becoming a better you it’s your decision to take responsibility for whatever you achieve. If things are not moving forward as you’d like, you take charge of your life by taking action and exploring other avenues and possibilities.

The truth is that you do have choices, but out of fear and doubt have chosen not to take action. Some merely react to whatever in judgmental ways over all that seems to come down on them.

People who have a world based only around effect often see themselves as vulnerable, or as a victim, that is up against the wall or backed into a corner.

With this thought system it will be quite difficult for becoming a better you.

Taking charge of your life by living around cause means you realize you have choices in your life.

You are aware that you can choose what is best for you while ensuring the choice is ecological for those around you, in your community and your society.

A Course in Miracles states, “You have so little faith in yourself because you are unwilling to accept the fact that perfect love is in you.”

A Cause will have an Effect

When wanting to begin being a better person or more successful, emotions such as these can wear heavily against your goals for life, and on a person’s overall well-being. It is often the root cause of many physical and personal issues.

Thinking that you are responsible for someone’s overall happiness or emotional state can weigh quite heavy on you, can cause far too much pain and stress and the agony that goes with it.

A Course in Miracles further states, “Without a cause there can be no effects.”

Emotions such as guilt, self-doubt and fear, or resentment and anxiety are the result of a thought system always judging effect.

People living around effect tend to blame others and do not take responsibility for their actions.

That means because of your goals for life, you look closely on how you treat others, while not feeling responsible over one’s emotional status.

To improving your life by understanding cause and effect,

James Nussbaumer

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