Overcoming Life Difficulties by Leaving Darkness Behind

Does judging and evaluating others make you feel more secure and safe?  Ego understandings constantly show confusion and indecisiveness, which keeps the ego holding the reins to separation and where getting through hard times appears what you’re constantly captured up in. It exposes yourself to you as you would select to be, that makes the […]

Living in the Present Moment for Overall Path of Success

Try to see the idea of living in the present moment, as to enjoy the moment, since to live the present is where we are capable of programming success in life. When you are away from being present in the present moment you’re not aligned with the law of attraction—and this is where everyday miracles […]

Glorious Moment of a Peak Experience where Real Miracles Manifest

Having a peak experience seems to occur in the time-free zone of present moment awareness, a transcendent glorious moment that is the substance of real miracles. To be in the moment is of completion, bliss and elation. These instants where time does not seem to tick are extraordinary and often compared to spiritual awakening events. […]

Ways to Achieve Your Dreams Easily Discovered by the Healing Self

Are the ways to achieve your dreams brought forward in you through self-healing? This idea of the healing self must be understood, and it can be easy and pleasurable, just like for those who reach their dreams.  So if attaining what you truly want in life has been a struggle, consider the self-healing I’m talking […]

Intuition Power-Your Inner Vision and the Process of Creativity

Many may agree from experiences of everyday life, we are aware that we have intuition power—which can be realized as an immediate, but effortless vision, or sense, of what is real and true. But we sometime experience errors in this so-called inner vision. When we are choosing a direction, say, at the fork in the […]

Stream of Consciousness-that Inner Voice and How to Listen

My friend was concerned that he was not very intuitive to his stream of consciousness.  I understood his concern, and something in me urged to share with him some particular instances during my incarceration for eight long years, and still today, where I’ve learned how to listen.   We discussed how we first develop a […]