Glorious Moment of a Peak Experience where Real Miracles Manifest

Having a peak experience seems to occur in the time-free zone of present moment awareness, a transcendent glorious moment that is the substance of real miracles. To be in the moment is of completion, bliss and elation.

These instants where time does not seem to tick are extraordinary and often compared to spiritual awakening events.

The truth of real miracles cannot join us anywhere in the past or future, because neither exists.  Only in our separated and fragmenting, dream of life, where we depend on time and material form, are past and future a thought. 

The glorious moment of eternal oneness has no clue of any such awareness of the difference between past and future. 

The past is only what you thought it was, and the future is only what you think it might be. 

Both are unreal.

Having a Peak Experience

Anything real can only be here, the glorious moment of now, in this instant, and then it is gone, and a brand new instant is immediately born. 

Think about a glorious moment you’ve had when you had no thoughts of past or future, such as those timeless moments during sex, or dancing, a great golf shot, or total engagement in joyous, thoughtless “flow”-type activity. 

Yes, I mean these are real miracles!

We all have had a peak experience, or we may say, peak-level moments that are not magic, but are a real glorious moment without any influence of regretting the past or predicting the future.

It is a peak experience that the truly successful on earth know how to harness!

It was the late Wayne W. Dyer who said in his audio collection, “Learn how to go from ‘No-where’ to ‘Now-here’.”

For example, in this this particular writing session my goal was to be in the moment, living in the moment that began at 5:30 AM and it’s now 7 AM, an instant in reality where clock-time has no meaning. 

A glorious moment!

Sure, there was some unpleasant as well as pleasant background interference of the early morning,—a car with a bad muffler, a neighborhood dog, birds in the park across the street singing, as the sun rising.

But it was nothing that could interfere with my present moment awareness, or my mission at hand during the instant of real time, which is no-time.

What is Present Moment Awareness?

Only in these instants, when you are determined to see the ego for the nothingness it is, will you accept the Holy Spirit—your inner divine Guide, as the presence of your mind that exists only in a glorious moment of, the now

The Course in Miracles asks us to consider: “How long is an instant?” 

In this present moment awareness it’s the length of time it takes you to choose, and live inside, the Holy Spirit’s right-minded thought process, over the wrong-mindedness of the ego which is always plagued with guilt. 

In these instants you meet your own holiness.

To Be in the Moment

Course in Miracles further teaches us that, “Each instant is a clean and crystal clear, untarnished new birth of thought, and is your glimpse of eternity.” 

The glorious moment of eternity never sees the past or touches the future, but is always in this instant, or we may say, now

Your present moment awareness is where the law of attraction is working for you.

When an impure thought strikes you, in that instant ask the Holy Spirit to replace it with the pure right-mindedness of present moment awareness. This is why I also urge you to learn mindfulness meditation. 

Your inner Guide of Truth will always be there in helping you to be in the moment, by delivering this to you as a holy instant.

(Please note, if you still long for more information on being all you can be, I suggest this related article about setting life goals around your passion and life purpose.)

To living in present moment awareness,

James Nussbaumer

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