Living in the Present Moment for Overall Path of Success

Try to see the idea of living in the present moment, as to enjoy the moment, since to live the present is where we are capable of programming success in life. When you are away from being present in the present moment you’re not aligned with the law of attraction—and this is where everyday miracles are manifested.

To not live in the now is to become imprisoned by time where your inner Self and the power of your mind is jailed by regrets of the past and fear of the future.

A holy instant as the Course in Miracles says, or as we may refer to as living in the present moment, is where your willingness strikes, to allow the next instant, or present moment to arrive, and so on. 

Preparing your mind to live in the now, or for the holy instant is to simply recognize within yourself that this is where you want to live. 

It’s not at all necessary for you to do more now to have what you desire in the future. 

Rather, try to realize that there is nothing more you can do to begin living in the present moment. 

To Live in the Now

Trying to do more takes your mind away from living in the present moment and gives the Holy Spirit what He has not asked for.

You must always be operating from this very instant, now; whoops, it’s gone, and now you’re in a fresh new instant and living in the present moment.

To help this along and live in the now is why I strongly suggest mindfulness meditation practices.

By giving the Holy Spirit any thought outside of this instant, you add the ego to Him and confuse the two. 

Your desire to live the magnitude of your own life’s purpose—your  true free will, or we may say, purpose in life, is all that He asks for in this instant so you may live in the now. 

The Course in Miracles states, “The Holy Spirit can hold your magnitude, clean of all littleness, clearly and in perfect safety in your mind.”

He will always be telling you what to do next as you live the present in the instant to follow, and so forth. 

The Holy Spirit joins with you to enjoy the moment because He is you, in this instant, to make each successive instant far greater than you can imagine.

Try it, right now; it works. 

It’s Easy When You Enjoy the Moment

In other words, to begin living in the present moment don’t take leaps forward without contemplating, but enjoy the moment of the step you are on now. 

If there is no joy or pure thought, ask in that instant for it to be corrected and to be present in the moment.

In his book The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle asks the reader to practice this while, say, on a flight of stairs. 

Take each step as a new “now,” and when reaching the end of the stairway notice that this is not the future, but rather is “now” where you enjoy the moment. 

So with that understood, ask yourself: how long is an instant? 

It’s the time it takes to toss the ego aside and have the knowledge “now” that you have entered a holy instant and enjoy the moment.

Don’t confuse your holiness of this tiny ego-free instant of living in the present moment with any notion of smallness, however. 

Humility, yes, but your holiness does not ask that you be content with less than greatness. This rubs off on your relationships, too!

Live the Present

My own difficulty in seeing the holy instant as mine was in the conviction that I didn’t deserve it until my past errors were repaired or repented. 

But what I didn’t realize was that those errors were forgiven in an instant, and the Holy Spirit began in that instant to use time within the dream of life, time, space, and material form, to undo my past.

Once I let go of the past, I began seeing a new desire without self-doubt.

And, yes that created enthusiasm, which created inspiration, for a purpose that I started perceiving as a necessary step for living my own chosen true free will.

Later I’d read that it’s how successful people think!

Course in Miracles further states, “There is no doubt about what your function is, for the Holy Spirit knows what it is.”

Try to see that your thoughts came from sometime in the past, where what seemed to have happened, what could have been different, and onto thoughts of doubting or fearing what might happen in the future.  

To be present in the moment guides you to your true calling!

All of this came about in tiny instants where I learned to always be living in the present moment, and as I write these words for you now, it’s another instant, and of course you will read each word in an instant that’s right for you, followed by further instants. 

Yes, for certain, it’s a great holy instant.

(Please note I also suggest a related article about having peak experiences where real miracles manifest.)

To your learning to be present in the moment,

James Nussbaumer

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