Being Successful in Life – 3 Tools to Get and Keep You There

Isn’t being successful in life what most of us are after? I mean how to achieve success in life by living out your passions! The secret of success certainly is about being in tune with your life purpose.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Being successful in life was our topic at last evening’s webinar, and since these tools we discussed made such an interesting event I promised followers I’d include it in today’s blog article.

And a special head’s up at the end you won’t want to miss! It’s worth the read.

OMG… I love clear sunny days! It’s not just that the clear skies make me feel better, I can pop out of my house and soak up the little bit of Vitamin D that eventually soaks through the clouds

It’s that buzz in the air of people being in better moods and being successful in life. I find this air easier to live with because of consistently being involved in mindfulness meditation which I highly suggest, if you’re not doing so already.

But …for everyday people trying to succeed and stay positive, this season can also come with a bit of a slump.

It’s harder to get yourself to work at the pace you are used to.

I’ve discovered that if I shift my focus a little bit during those clearer days, I can still get a ton done, move forward projects that have been sitting around waiting for my attention all year… AND have a fun time relaxing with my friends and family.

Being successful in life is all about shifting HOW you work, WHAT you are working on, and WHO you are being during this season.

The Course in Miracles states, “The happy learner cannot feel guilty about learning.”

Bright and sunny days can be both about learning, productivity AND play!

Here’s some tools for being successful in life and truly achieving your dreams:

Please note that these are my favorite tools for being successful in life and why I’m suggesting them for you.

But keep in mind that just because I do recommend all 3 of these systems, doesn’t mean you have to dive in head first into all 3, unless you’re like me who is always wanting to learn and soak up all I can.

If you’re the type that likes to get your feet wet first before diving in, then choose just one of these systems for now, see how it suits you, and then go for the others while on your path to being successful in life.

Remember, the Course in Miracles further teaches, “What you experience you will make manifest.”

Tool # 1: Maximizing Your Life

Key Ways to Live Life on Your Own Terms is one of my most favorites for connecting with the future of your dreams and being successful in life, that will create an energy aligned with the Universal Intellect.

It helps you to learn to let the Law of Attraction work for you! I’ve seen this system absolutely change people’s lives!

This system will help you with > A Mind for Success > Live your “WHY” > Attract Wellness and Wealth.

Miracles, not magic!

For example, while I was in a down period, I forced myself to dive into Tool #1, and within a week my Kindle publishing/strategy team (associated with my EveryDay Miracles master-mind group) just launched a co-working group that I joined within minutes of seeing their offer.

One, because they were offering a crazy good opportunity…and two, because sitting down for dedicated periods to get things done helps me move huge projects forward.

I learned to just pick a project that keeps getting put off, show up and TRUST my inner heart, and seemingly difficult things easily gets done.

It’s like the Course in Miracles teaches, “When you have learned how to decide from your heart, all decisions become easy and as right as breathing.”

Tool # 2: Miracle Manifestation

Learn Miracle Manifestation for Life (Not magic): Inspiring, powerful, grabbing and uplifting.

Learn more today about creating the life you deserve. Detailed and filled – Life Changing!

No kidding, this positive wisdom will transform you.

This system has helped me create really powerful connections, while organizing thousands of people at a time to move through a challenge.

But a better question is, who has helped me mastermind and setup these amazing automations and emails to give my audience such a great experience?

When I first got the Miracle Manifestation system I had no idea how powerful it was (and frankly no idea where I’d be heading).

The system showed me what it could do, how to get moving forward in my dreams and bring them to reality!

It’s excellent at getting you crystal clear on your goals and a strategy to bring your vision to life!

Again, like the Course in Miracles principles teach, “Decide that your true free will is right, and is how you create in this world.”

Tool # 3: How to Think Like those Being Successful in Life

Want to Have a Billionaire’s Brain, we may say? Everyone at the top has been there, and everyone has success secrets.

Here you will be instructed to take this cutting-edge 60 second quiz right now!

Learn the money magnetism secrets of the most-wealthy on earth! >

Find out whether there is wealth in your future. > The 5 fundamentals of money magnetism revealed. >

Easy to profit solutions from the Fall of the most successful and how they overcame it.

>A step-by-serious-step guide to putting your mind power in that top 1 %.

This was yet another instant no-brainer join decision for me.

The answer is sooo easy… get moving.

Dr. Steve Jones shows you the value of mindfulness movement to get you on a path to wealth and abundance in your life.

Bonus Tool #4: Coming Soon…

This last tool is not available yet… but it’s going to be epic (if I do say so myself).

You may know that challenges are the primary way I build my business.

They help you grow your impact, following, and client/customer base in a way that feels great and truly supports others. You get to see your audience taking actions, moving forward, and experiencing positive changes in their lives.

It’s SO much fun.

I’ve grown my followers and business literally from the ground up, through challenges for the past few years, and I’ve moved by leaps and bounds doing it.

I now have thousands of people taking my challenges and I still have managed to make it an intimate, connected, and powerful experience.

People keep coming back!

So I’ve finally given into all the requests… and I’m going to be announcing something to help YOU make your own challenge AND harness the principles that drive great challenges… so your challenge can have the greatest impact on your audience (and your business!)

Keep a close eye on my blog articles and your emails. I hope to be announcing that in the next two weeks.

(Please note I also suggest a related article about living in the present moment for overall success in life.) 

To being successful in life, and, lots of love,

James Nussbaumer

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