The Realm of the Spirit and the Abundance of Joy by Life in the Spirit World

Can we say that if we shall be somewhere in the realm of the spirit, being there in spirit, will you actually be with them? The realm of the spirit certainly does make the material world. May we further add that this means our true essence is life in the spirit world?

Many of you have messaged me asking to know more about how the story rested at the wine tasting event, which I’d only been in attendance in the realm of the spirit, with my physical body behind bars in a an Ohio prison.

In a previous set of blog articles I talked about the woman from Croatia, Nakita, inviting me to participate, from my prison cell, in a Worldwide Mindfulness Meditation for world peace.

I’d never met this woman ever before, constantly wondering how in the heck she got a hold of my address and the information about my case being overtly political.

One thing lead to another as I continued to describe in more linked together blog articles, and that I was able to make a handwritten carbon copy of her invitation to mail to my friend William.

He wasn’t interested, so, in turn mailed it to his sister living in New Mexico, and she, in the realm of the spirit, forwarded it to her friend in California.

Being there in Spirit

Anyway, the carbon copy of the invitation I’d made from prison, from Nakita’s invitation to me, somehow winded up being at a wine tasting event in California on December 22, 2010, the night of the mindfulness meditation for poverty and world peace.

My good old lifetime golf friend Jon Phillips and his wife Becky, who had recently moved to California, were at the wine tasting event.

All of this, from Nakita in Croatia to Jon and his friends in the wine country, and all the others, the realm of the spirit of this true story, caused me to reflect on a lesson in A Course in Miracles

“The miracle is a lesson in total perception.  By including any part of totality in the lesson, you have included the whole.”

In the closing of Jon’s lengthy letter to me from behind bars in the volatile and often violent din of the cell block, he made a wonderful point about the realm of the spirit.

Abundance of joy

He said that this had certainly created a special holiday for him and that he was aware I had no idea of how deeply his thoughts were with me at the wine-tasting party. 

He said that Becky could not wait to give me a hug.

Jon also told me of a few specific individuals, as well as the whole group together, toasting me several times, as they raised their wine glasses toward the carbon copy flyer. 

I always felt Jon had great intrinsic value, an abundance of joy with life in the spirit world, and I’m certain this is what made him so very successful and an all-around likable guy!

Then, he said, they all started to laugh over this whole possibility.

Jon and Becky were soon to be off on a ski vacation they had planned for several months. 

He said they were going to a ski resort that neither of them had heard of before and would write me in detail upon their return. 

But better yet, maybe I would be released from prison soon and could sit down in person with the two of them. 

I was deeply touched.

Now Seeing in the Spirit Realm

As I set his letter down next to me where I lay on my bunk, settling my head back to regroup a bit, I couldn’t help the flow of tears that poured down my face. 

A warm, sort of tingling sensation swept through my body like an ocean wave, and I felt a wonderful glow, the realm of the spirit with a comfortable smile become of me. 

It was God, and with no thought of letters in the alphabet with space between them.  

I had an overabundance of joy and much to be thankful for.  This fullness I was feeling could not be contained or locked up behind bars. 

It was intended to extend inward to the whole of humanity—and in one-mindedness as the Child of God, or as A Course in Miracles terms, the “Sonship.”

 My tears were expressing a confidence of a knowing I indeed had of myself, and what it was I was meant to do, and be.

Let’s face it, don’t we all have a material world environment, as well as, having an abundance of joy in the world of spirits?

Since this experience, I can honestly say I have experienced and travelled through life in the spirit world, not only in this incident, but often before.

To being there in spirit,

James Nussbaumer

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