Moving Forward in Life for Change-the Brave Healing Process

Much of the world has a tough time making decisions that don’t come easy. 

Moving forward in life is important. The truth in us as a whole has fallen asleep and is having a dream of separate wholes, with each one having a separate meaning. 

People everywhere are beginning to rub their eyes and yawn, however, as we slowly begin moving forward in life toward reawakening. 

In the pilot of the series we see why…The world is full of hate and selfishness and greed. But on the other hand, there is more love sprouting up and spreading everywhere than ever before.

It’s as though we are seeing the two exact opposites with very little gap between, soon to merge together as one. 

This is a sign that truth will soon be seen and shine through the cloud cover that has been obscuring our minds. 

When I grew up in the 1960s, the adults looked at the Beatles, and rock ’n’ roll music in general, as a threat of some kind. 

Many of the adults were seeing the youth as moving forward in life with change. 

Today we are the adults who have seen and experienced what is love all about, and love being extended as a result of music. 

It’s always a great feeling when move forward in life.

The New Birth

The examples are everywhere. 

Reality is in the process of moving forward in life and giving birth to reality, and oneness of mind is the umbilical cord.

Have you ever been dreaming something that is frightening or upsetting, when a part of you realizes it’s only a dream? 

Sure you have. 

(Here’s how you can begin to create the life you want in this instant NOW from within you) 

This dreaming part of humanity is realizing a new birth, and as a whole it is a shift toward total realization of our unity, as being of the One Mind of God. 

We are not separate, and the Holy Spirit is using time for the healing process.  This is happening now, all around us. 

At times it may seem painful, but you are here for the purpose of helping everyone to eventually breathe eternal air.

Being real

In book 2 the sequel you’ll learn that…If you are serious about moving forward in life and helping, even if it’s only helping yourself for now—which is a great start—you must see that a dreaming mind can fathom whatever it wishes, but cannot make itself real. 

It can make entire worlds that run by completely different laws, but when the mind wakes up it finds that reality has never changed.

People live in fear, and as this awakening progresses, that same fear will have to be released. 

If it is not, the birth will be chaotic and traumatic.  Your place is peace, and your purpose is forgiveness at whatever level it might be. 

But there is much we must learn about forgiveness. 

Its basic principle is to clearly “overlook the ego by looking beyond it.”  If you can remember this principle, forgiveness will become easy for you to understand and to accept.

A Course in Miracles so gracefully states, “Forgiveness is your peace, for herein lies the end of separation and the dream of danger and destruction, sin and death; of madness and murder, grief and loss.”

Looking beyond

To overlook is to give of yourself, but we’ve been taught by the world that to overlook means to be cautious. 

Do you see how backwards and self-defeating the ego is? 

Let’s now begin moving forward in life, by shifting to the next important part of your life, where overlooking by looking beyond—which is the real meaning of forgiveness, becomes natural in how you live each day of life.

To look beyond “what,” you may ask? That’s simple, keep looking beyond till you don’t need to ask any longer.

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