True Potential through Quantum Consciousness and the Law of Attraction

I didn’t realize my true potential at the time, but later would discover that quantum consciousness and the law of attraction are interconnected like we are.

The deeper I would dive into A Course in Miracles and its series of abstractions, a part of me had long ago already decided to begin unlocking my true potential in union with the quantum consciousness of non-judgement.

In book 1 of the series you’ll see that…By cooperating without my ego-based mind in particular efforts, I was seeing myself as both helpful and harmless to the worldwhich are attributes of the law of attraction that must work together and sensing true potential.  But the effort was actually effortless.

I mean that our true potential is the part in all of us that knows what we want, instead of wishful thinking, and also is that real and true aspect in us—the law of attraction, that completes our real vision. 

This is wholeness in action.  It’s the part of you that says, “There’s got to be more to this world.  I know there’s a better way.” 

It is also the part of you that knows you’ve not been truly honest with yourself, instead of only believing so.

This is okay, because our attitudes are ego-based and are conflicting. 

So if you can overlook this by looking beyond this ego interference, you have then forgiven yourself and are free to unleash your true potential. 

See how easy it is to forgive? 

(Here’s a related article on how to get self-esteem help just with feel good words and reflective state of mind.) 

This ego-based interaction inside us will always be a part of us to deal with, for as long as we are here on Earth occupying a body. 

But this is okay too, as long as you know which aspect of you is truly in charge of your true potential.

And this I cannot explain enough is how the most wealthy yet truly successful and happy people on the planet think, and they practice meditation to keep in tune with the song of the universe.

Forgiving Grace

The mission of quantum consciousness, which is one—as in “whole” universal intellect, involves the law of attraction, understanding how like attracts like because we are whole, and recognizing automatically when the ego tries to enact its antics for separation. 

In book 2 you’ll learn that…The ego in us can’t understand what being whole means and certainly has a difficult time with the law of attraction, and is why the ego never has a true potential.

You can learn very simply to put the illusions of the ego in its place with your real self when it attempts corruption. 

This can be achieved by being patient, and knowing that the ego is only trying to prove that it has a reality. 

So be kind and don’t attack yourself by telling yourself that you know better.  This knowledge in you is what is called Forgiving Grace. 

And you can meet forgiving grace face to face by learning mindfulness meditation, and I urge you to seek this out if you have not already, for calming the mind and being all you can be.

A Course in Miracles states, “To the extent which you value guilt, to that extent will you perceive a world in which attack is justified.”

It’s the light in you that shines regardless of any ego-based cloud cover.

You can only be truly charitable if you have a real and never-ending sense of abundance.  This, you do indeed have. 

Forgiving Light is the truth in you that is constantly flowing, and is why you have unlimited strength. 

You are abundant and full and whole, because you have a willingness to look beyond beliefs.

As your consciousness becomes aware of itself and your true potential it will realize this abundance, which you know to be the truth in every aspect of who you are. 

By refusing to know yourself, panic sets in as you frantically seek for a substitute. 

This would be the ego; and terror pursues you when you realize you can never replace the eternal, and fear seizes you when you experience the guilt for trying to replace what is forever your true colors.

True potential in Oneness, not separation

You must keep in mind that this idea you have of being separate and alone is just that: a thought.  But it is a false idea that makes more unreal thoughts.  What is an example of an unreal thought?  Surely an illusion is the thought that your true potential relies on your body. 

This is a nothing idea.  The falsities you live by stem from this one unreal thought.

Here’s an article about how to live at your full potential by understanding quantum consciousness and law of attraction: 

To your true potential,

James Nussbaumer

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