Core Beliefs Uncovered For Life Lived Truly On Your Terms

When you decide to uncover the doubts about your core beliefs and look deeper within, you may either beat yourself up a bit, or jokingly rib yourself for what a fool you’ve been. The real story is that accepting the truth about how you truly believe or feel is not necessarily going to make you all smiles upfront.

We all want to live a life of inner peace around our true free will based on our true core beliefs.

One winter comes to my mind, when I traveled with my regular group of golf buddies to a golf resort near the Florida Everglades, where the mission at hand was nothing but serious golf vacationing. 

The seriousness of each shot by each golfer made for the memories that each of us still holds.

At that time of the year the golf course was populated by water moccasins, an aggressive and deadly snake. 

The groundskeeper posted warning signs near marshy areas that said “If you see a baby snake, Mama is close by.”  The protection of Mama here is a good example of the love that nature possesses for its offspring. 

But think about this.  Don’t we instinctively protect our egos this way—protect our pride?

What about our so-called loves, charities, and of course our material possessions? 

If we’re not vigilant over the ego—that doubting, skeptical, fearful and judgmental aspect in us all, core beliefs in something can be a function of the ego, a lesson given shortly after the first tick of time when humankind fell to guilt by separation. 

As long as the origin of who you truly are remains open to question, and having positive outlook, you are regarding your core beliefs from an ego-based viewpoint.

A Course in Miracles states, “The ego may see some good, but never only good. That is why its perceptions are so variable. It always adds something that is not real to the real, thus confusing illusion and reality.”

(Here we answer why be positive when the world is already a mess.) 

What I have to say next may not seem very positive at first, but please absorb the thought while leaving room for further contemplation. 

When knowledge is all there is, any core beliefs you may have are meaningless. 

Core beliefs are open to question, and where questions sit so does doubt in the seat adjacent.  A belief is a way of perceiving something as the loftiest idea the ego can come up with. 

Perception always leaves room for interpretation and judgement. 

If you have considered this closely, it has given you a glimpse at the ego not being who you truly are.  Let’s face it, an ego can have beliefs, but can never know for certain.  In fact, it has no knowledge at all.

This shows us that the losses we perceive to have can only be of the ego.  We see this as painful, and we rage over our losses as misfortunes. 

Consider a small child found playing with something potentially dangerous, such as a knife or scissors. 

The baby doesn’t see it as a dangerous object while having fun and may scream in a tantrum if you take the object away. 

But it is your responsibility to remove the foreseeable harm.  In this sense we are still a child when we get upset about particular losses.  Am I saying these losses are for our own good? 

I’ll let you put that together.

I offer you these words to use in prayer or for meditation:

When at times you feel you are not reaching your true potential, perhaps confused over your core beliefs with the ego in you tugging away to get you to go with the crowd in your core beliefs, these words in quiet contemplation have helped me.

  • I am as God created me.

Try to see that we have no sense of our real self and its preservation, and usually decide that we need what hurts us most. 

We’ve been afraid for no reason at all of our own true potential, which is who we truly are. 

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To your core beliefs,

James Nussbaumer

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