Change Your Mind Change Your Life and Begin Seeing Change in the World

Many of us want to transform our lives and see change in the world, and the only way for this to happen is to change your mind change your life.  

I see it every day, a positive shift taking place all over the world, and people everywhere are taking on a newer perception of life and beginning to realize that the love in our hearts will determine the world we truly want to live in. 

As you read on please keep in mind the power of mindfulness meditation, and why I urge you to do so. 

It’s how more and more truly successful icons on the planet are thinking and acting, and you can see why right here!

In book 1 of the series you’ll learn that…As you try to change your mind change your life and contemplate the things from out of the past and wonder how our minds could ever have made the ego, you will find that you really cannot answer to what is from out of the past, only because it no longer exists. 

You can’t ask a question to something that is not present and expect an answer. 

(Why it’s important to choose the life you want to live and not settling for less.) 

Others will offer answers for the past in an effort to try and help you out, but that’s why we’re all in this predicament of an ego-based thought system.

And to change your mind change your life you must look at the ego more closely without judging it to begin letting go of it.

We’ve all heard it said before and perhaps even said it ourselves:

“History would not exist if the same errors were not being repeated over and over in the present.” 

But we seem to take pride in our history and often admire what ancient family members “once said.”  Knowledge of anything is not a personal issue and should not be understood as so. 

What I mean is that with knowledge, there is nothing we have to understand, because knowledge is what it is, which is beyond understanding.

Allow me to offer an example, which may seem ridiculous to you—but at least it is simple. 

Let’s say you and I are standing outdoors in the rain while having a conversation that could take a while. 

Is there anything we should understand about the knowledge we both have as to why we are getting wet, and also why we should take cover to avoid further soaking?  No. 

Due to our common sense, this is automatically understood.  But if there were only heavy cloud cover, thunder, and a threat of rain, we might also know it’s a good idea to take our conversation under a roof because we have a perception of getting rained on. 

It may not rain, and our understanding of the possibility of a rain shower did bring us indoors, but it’s not necessarily what kept us dry. 

What did keep us dry was the knowledge that a downpour of rain for its intended purpose would certainly have a “drenching result.”

We know water is wet and we understand we must take cover from a possible rain shower.

Knowledge Is Not Personal

In book 2 we go deep to see that…We’ve all made an ego, or a self, that gives us the image we walk around with, which is seemingly subject to variation because it’s unstable. 

If that’s not enough to keep history in its place, we continue to make an ego for everyone else we look at with the body’s eyes.  Your-image-of-them is how you think you understand them to be.

How these images interact is a process that changes, because images are not made by God, Who is unchangeable.  To change your mind change your life you must begin realizing that we are a mind within a Mind.  A mind is not an image.

We must realize that the change we see does occur when we interact in the mind, and is projected as a physical appearance.  Thinking about another ego is as effective in changing your perception as is physical interaction. 

This tells us that the ego is surely an idea that we manufactured in our minds, and with that understanding you can change your mind change your life and live at your full potential. 

Always be searching within for living your full potential!

It certainly is not knowledge.

Here’s another example: 

Think of the ways you have viewed another individual when you were filled with jealousy, or guilt, or fear. 

Your own state of mind and perception of life at these times proves how that ego was made. 

Can this show you an excellent portrayal of how the first human, Adam, was made by a guilty and confused, separated mind?

These images of man and perception of life surely are not of man’s knowledge, but are only a perception of life based on projections of a feeling inside. 

In other words, your projections of another person stem from a perception you have made, and it is not who that person truly is.  So in other words, change your mind change your life.

Do you find this frightening?  Or does it give you a sense of direction now?

If we’re going to continue to be frightened, and uncertain in life, why is it surprising that it was the same fearful way in the past? 

Our minds do not need to operate this way, and they’re not supposed to.

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