Fears and Phobias Healed to Begin Conquering Anxiety

Can we pinpoint a reason for our fears and phobias? Whatever brings on fears and phobias in you, you can count on the fact that they can be treated or healed, and you can begin conquering anxiety that goes along for the ride and watch it all fade away.

Some normal fears and phobias often stem around worrying too much, over things or situations where you may be uncomfortable or unfamiliar with and uneasy over.

There was a time while early in college I was dreaming about becoming a psychologist, but I never did.  I thought it wasn’t for me. 

I remember studying about a research project in which scientists raised a litter of kittens in a room with vertical lines everywhere. 

When the kittens were grown, the cats were moved to a room with nothing but horizontal lines.  They bumped into the walls, ran into objects, and knocked over everything that was horizontal because these confused cats couldn’t see anything but vertical. 

In book 1 of the series we go deep here…Everything most of us see and believe in is only there because we believe in it.  I mean that you may have no idea how much you’re missing, simply because we don’t have a wider frame of reference causing you to lack faith in yourself.

(How to begin overcoming fear and changing for the better.) 

We’re afraid of expanding or going beyond our frame of reference, which is usually what was passed down to us by previous generations. 

Why You Believe What You Do

When we can realize our fears and phobias we begin to see things in a whole new way, and then we can move forward. 

What was always hidden right in front of us can suddenly come to life.

(Here’s more on great remedies for stress and anxiety, and using the power of reflection breathing meditation.) 

Generation upon generation has piled illusion on top of illusion in our minds, and our true Divinity seems to be buried deep. 

In book 2 the sequel, you will learn…It’s not difficult to reach that area where all truth is revealed.  But you must do it.  You must go after it with all the sense of realness and faith in yourself, by bringing it to the table. 

Call this table your altar if you wish.

A Course in Miracles states, “If you accept this change, you have the idea of making room for truth.”

What you can do next is to hold firmly in your mind the following single thought, which will help you begin conquering anxiety by forgiving yourself as well as the world for what “they” did to you. 

Remember, you must begin forgiving yourself, too.  Are you not a part of this world that went along with “their” beliefs?

You must first understand what forgiving yourself and others really means.  By forgiving, I mean you must overlook the ego by looking beyond it, so that you can see true reality.  The ego has been blocking the view.

Your Purpose in Life

What is true reality, other than the simple truth and your purpose in life? 

Use the words that follow as a meditation or a prayer, whichever way is real thought for you. 

But as you use these words and as you look beyond the world you see, and the things that upset or frighten you, all of your fears and phobias, try to see inner peace as your choice in every action you take. 

Bring these words into your consciousness, because whether you realize it or not, they are already in your consciousness behind the dream. 

A Course in Miracles teaches that…You must bring this idea through the fog and forward in your mind, so that the idea itself reflects in your projected image. 

Here are the words; now bring the whole idea to you.

  • I am as God created me.

(Allow it to sink in.)

This is the thought you must revere deeply

It is simple, just the way it should be. 

From time to time, repeat this statement to yourself.  The meaning behind the words is what you’re after. 

The meaning is deeply rooted and wholly known “conscious understanding,” and is the answer to the illusion you have made on your own. 

By being a part of these words, you are seeing yourself as true, and you begin conquering anxiety and become a model for those who need your help. 

All untruths will begin to fade away which include your fears and phobias, and as you begin conquering anxiety all your unwanted dreams of the past will peacefully fade away.

Here’s a sister article on how to see universal intelligence as accessible through inner vision and meditation:

To conquering anxiety,

James Nussbaumer

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