Choose the Life you want to Live and Do Not Settle for Less

Periodically, to choose the life you want, could be unquestionably, impossibly challenging.

We are confronted with obstacles and occasions that could appear frustrating, life-destroying to the factor where it might be tough to determine whether to maintain moving forward.

You constantly have the power of choice! 

The Course in Miracles further teaches through its spiritual metaphysical principles and lessons, “You can not see the power of the universe, but you can see its manifestations.”



If you follow the golden key, the reflection principles of the universe, to choose the life you want to live, there can never be an absence of anything that you want.

According to the power of the universe, what you want is constantly yours in your power of choice.

Can we pinpoint a reason for our fears and phobias? 

Excellent energy to have good things returned to you, if you see good you will send out good.

This is how the Law of Attraction works.

The concept of asking for what you want in life and those particular things needed to get you there, is a part of being aligned with this power of the universe.

You will discover the power of reflection principles bringing all kinds of great things directly to you.

This is why I always ask my readers to learn how to do mindfulness meditation (more here), to get you to that calm state of inner peace and tell the universe what you need.

The law of attraction money success, the law of attraction meditation formula, is both easy and complex.

If you try to analyze it like an engineering project, it’s only more complicated.

To keep it simple you merely ask for what is needed to accomplish your true free will and it will be given.

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James Nussbaumer

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